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Puddin’ September 11, 2010

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Happy Saturday, people!  At this time in one week, my baby sister will be married!  Wayne, Ziggy, and I will be making the 10-12 hour drive back to MI for the festivities on Thursday morning.  I’ve been trying to work on the dreaded maid matron of honor speech/toast, but son had other ideas…

He doesn’t think a toast is necessary 🙂

Ok, so onto the little bit of food I have for you today.  I made this concoction a couple nights ago. 

Southwestern Chicken Corn Pudding

Not sure why this is called “pudding,” but it was pretty good.  It was a teeny bit on the bland side, so I would recommend adding some more seasonings to the egg/flour mixture (maybe some garlic powder or cayenne pepper), and adding some salsa or hot sauce to the chicken/corn mixture.  Topping it with salsa and sour cream is essential in my opinion.  Now I’m off to make tacos and continue preparing for our trip!  Tata for now!


I ate a BLAT August 4, 2010

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Good evening once again.  Son gives you his ever-so-distinguished “Hello.”

Tonight I had the best idea I’ve had in a long time… putting avocado on my BLT.

  • Bacon (turkey of course)
  • Lettuce
  • Avocado
  • Tomato
  • Light mayo
  • Frank’s
  • Whole wheat toast

A-freaking-mazing.  Please go try this.  Aaaand back to SYTYCD I go…


Camera unload July 19, 2010

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Hello all!  How was your weekend?  Mine was relaxed and included a trip to the lake, a trip to the theatre to see Inception, work on some maid-of-honor projects, and an awkward grilled steak dinner.  I don’t really have an organized flow of pictures, so I’m basically gonna just unload my camera here, K? 

Delicious lunch of amazing fruits and veggies… white fleshed peach (no, I don’t eat the fuzzy skin, eww), whole mango (couldn’t eat it all though), snap peas, cukes and Sabra classic hummus.

Tasty post-lake dinner… best mixture of fruit ever (mango, peach, blueberries, strawberries), deli turkey, and random pasta salad (whole wheat pasta, banana peppers, cukes, pickles, red peppers, onions, light mayo, banana pepper juice [secret ingredient!], Salad Supreme seasoning, salt and pepper). 

Previously-mentioned awkward grilled steak dinner.  I say awkward because we went down to the apartment pavillion to grill the steaks, and we may have used someone’s personal grill that was sitting down there.  Not a big deal, except that once our coals were well on their way to getting white, an overly-tanned dude in a wifebeater came down to let us know he would be coming back shortly to use his grill. 

Son kept trying to run away with my corn cob…

After dinner cocktail… Skinny Girl Margarita… how I love your measley 37.5 calories!

Lastly, oatmeal is back in my life.  I’ve been eating it every day for like the past week or so.

That’s all for now, cupcakes!


Grocery Strike July 15, 2010

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Hello, friends.  I have random eats for you today.  I’ll start with last night’s dinner.  I’ve kinda been on grocery strike all week (aka, I just didn’t feel like going shopping).  All I had in the fresh produce department were 3 zucchinis from the farmer’s market that needed to be used up.  I sent out a plea via Twitter for ideas, and my blog friend Jill gave me the great idea of making zucchini noodles.  All you do is scrape the zucchini with a potato peeler to get long “noodles.”  Once you hit the seeds, you stop.  Now I need an idea of what to do with the zucchini inards!  Paired with some ground turkey, onions, jarred spaghetti sauce, and freshly grated parmesan cheese (secret ingredient!), this was a pretty darn decent meal! 

So breakfast this morning was equally as creative since we had no bread, no milk, or fresh fruit.  I came up with oatmeal (made with water and leftover evaporated milk from Wayne’s bday cake!) topped with banana soft serve and PB.  Wowwww, this was really good!  The temperature contrast reminded me of that ice cream topped brownie dessert you see in restaurants everywhere.  I will definitely be eating this again. 

This little man joined me while I ate breakfast in my PJs…

Lunch was the most pathetic of all… canned soup!  I didn’t photograph it for obvious reasons.  Blech.  I finally got my butt to the store after lunch.  I didn’t have a list or any meals planned… just wandered and picked stuff that looked good.  I never do this, so it was a little anxiety-producing and I kind of feel like I got $100 worth of what??  Anyway, I decided on simple wraps for dinner.  I would say at least 50% of what I bought was produce, so I will be eating stuff like this for awhile. 

On the side are blueberries and snap peas.  The wrap, from bottom to top has: 

  • Sabra Classic Hummus
  • Yellow tomato slices
  • Cucumber slices
  • BBQ sauce
  • my first ever Sriracha <—-Holy tongue-burning
  • Chicken
  • Red bell peppers

That’s all for today, everyone!  I’m off to watch SYTYCD and nurse the pounding, splitting headache I’ve had all day.  So far, I’ve tried:  taking my contacts out, drinking a jug of water, taking a nap, laying down, and now I’m drinking a Diet Coke for a little caffiene (I didn’t have my coffee this morning).  Nothing is working.  I know I should just take some Advil… but eh.  What do you do to remedy a headache?


Business trippin’ May 3, 2010

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So, I’ve been up since 4 AM… unless you count all the half-hour increments from 1:30 till 4, that is.  I had to take Wayne to the airport for a 7 AM flight to FL for work stuff.  This won’t be the first business trip, so I guess I have get used to the stressful drive there and back!  In fact, there are already two more trips scheduled for June.  Anyone have a xanax or two?  I made it back here by 6 AM and didn’t really wanna go back to bed since I was already dressed and awake.  However, there’s nothing really on TV that early.  Oooor, so I thought!  Look what I found…

I was always so jealous of Topanga's hair...

The good ole TGIF lineup!

By 7:00, I couldn’t wait any longer for breakfast.  I was inspired again by Jessie to make some savory oats.  Some peeps might think savory oats are a bit strange; I was actually one of them until I tried it!  Just think of it as another form of an omelette with toast.  The cheese and salsa are essential in my opinion, otherwise you just have a bland canvas with an egg on top.  I also think the stove top method of cooking is imperative in getting a good creamy texture.   

In the bowl:  1/4 cup old-fashioned oats cooked in 1/2 cup water on the stove top.  At the end, I mixed in 1/3 cup mixed veggies that I thawed in the microwave, 3/4 ounce light cream cheese, 1/8 cup sharp cheddar cheese, and a pinch of salt.  On the top is an over easy egg and lots of salsa!  It was creamy and full of flavor, I promise!  You should try it, for reals.

Poor Ziggy’s sleep schedule was all thrown off by mommy and daddy getting up so early, and he ended up zonked out on his scratch pad (he doesn’t have claws anymore… ha) while I enjoyed my oatmeal.  Isn’t he the cutest little kitty you’ve ever seen??

Shortly after breakfast, I headed out to Joann Fabrics to get supplies to make my sister’s wedding card box.  Well, after an hour of wandering in circles and having a mild anxiety attack, I didn’t get any fabric.  Even though I had a “plan” sketched out, a sample of some lace I wanted to use, and the lid to one of the boxes, I could NOT for the life of me decide what I wanted.  I guess I’ll try again tomorrow.  I got back and before I knew it, it was lunch time.  The leftovers of the Chicken Lettuce Wraps from last night were screaming at me, so that’s what I had.  It was just as good as the first time!  On the side I had two sweet peppers.  I love that this whole freaking plate of food is only around 150 calories! 

A little while later, I had some baked tofu.  All I did was marinate the extra firm tofu in some teriyaki for a few minutes and bake at 375 until browned, flipping once.  I don’t really like warm tofu, so I chilled it and ate it cold.  For any tofu virgins out there, I will say it takes some getting used to.  I liken the texture to the white of a hard-boiled egg.  This was pretty good, but I still think I prefer it cold and plain!

After an impromptu nap, a shower, more card-box-comtemplating, and some Oprah, I was ready for dinner.  The one good thing about Wayne being gone is that I can eat whatever the heck I want for dinner!  I have  some nice meatless dinners planned for this week.  I would be perfectly content eating meat just a couple times a week, but that wouldn’t really fly with hubby.  Anyway… tonight’s dinner was OH SO EASY AND QUICK and really hit the spot.  I know I’ve been saying that about every dinner lately, but really, this was absolutely delicious.  And knowing how healthy it is doesn’t hurt either! 

Baked Sweet Potatoes with Black Beans
Modified from recipe HERE (scroll down till you find it)

BAKE 3-4 sweet potatoes according to desired method.  I poked mine all over, wrapped in foil, and baked at 350 for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

COMBINE 1 can black beans (drained and rinsed), 1 chopped medium-sized tomato, cumin, garlic powder, salt and pepper in a medium bowl.  MICROWAVE for about 2 minutes or until heated through. 

SPLIT open your potato and top with 1/2 cup of the black bean mixture, 1 Tbsp lite sour cream, and chopped cilantro.  I also added some salsa after the photo sesh. 

The rest of the night looks like this:  Dishes, Dancing with the Stars, Chocolate Cherry Bomb shake, maybe some envelope addressing, and SLEEP!  Toodles for now.


Sunday babble April 11, 2010

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Well, I don’t have much to say today ladies and gents.  It’s been a relaxing Sunday, but I guess it can’t be anything but relaxing when you don’t have kids, friends or family to hang out with!  I decided that Wayne and I needed to drive 20 minutes away to the nearest Super Walmart to get some essentials that only Super Walmart carries.  While there are tonssss of Super Targets here, Super Walmarts are much harder to come by.  This is the total opposite of how it is in MI.  As much as I hate Walmart, it was necessary, as I was in dire need of Naturally More Peanut Butter (Walmart is the ONLY place that sells it, as far as I know!), frozen wild salmon fillets (sooo cheap at Wally), and Yoplait frozen smoothie mixes.  We went ahead and got full groceries while we were there.  Their produce suckssss, but I made it work.  The 3 jars of PB, 3 packs of salmon, and 5 smoothie bags made it all worth it!!  I was also shocked to see the new chocolate Oikos there!!  I had to try one, and let me tell you, IT IS AMAZING!!!  Now I’m gonna have to go back to Walmart to get more… 

I tried to upload a pic of my first Green Monster (aka staple beverage in blogland containing spinach and various other ingredients), but yeah, it didn’t work.  Dinner tonight was this crustless quiche I made not long ago.  I stilllll had a ton of veggies left over from that damn Asian Slaw I made last week, so this was a perfect cleaner-outer.  That’s all for tonight, I shall leave you with a pic of SONNNNN that actually decided to upload.  The way he curls his back feet like that creeps me out!   


Back in civilization. March 24, 2010

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Today is day 5 or so of being in MN, and we finally have TV and internet.  I feel a little ashamed for being so attached to these things, but daaang, I was starting to lose my mind a little bit.  I’ve been getting by using Wayne’s crackberry to check my email very quickly (since prying it out of Wayne’s hands is quite difficult…), and we’ve been watching movies every night (thanks to free movies courtesy of our apt complex!) 

Anyway, to back-track a little…. the last couple days at our house went by really fast.  The moving company came Friday morning and had our lives packed into boxes after about 9.5 hours.  Wayne, Zig, and I were left with only a few necessities that we could fit in the jeep.  Here’s what our last night looked like:

Sleeping in our completely empty house was very strange.  We got up at 4:40 AM, took our last showers, packed up the jeep, and drove away from our home at 6 AM sharp.  It was really, really sad for me, and I had a nice cry till we got to I-94.  I purposely didn’t even bother to put in my contacts for this reason, ha.  So yeah, Ziggy was such a good boy during the entire 10.5 hour drive.  He mostly stayed in his cage but came out every now and then to look around, sit in the back of the car, and take a little walk around.  The drive was looong, and for the exception of driving through the snow/rain/wind/ice in Chicago, it was bearable.  I, of course, packed a nice cooler and bag of goodies to eat on the way.

Turkey and cheese on sandwich thins

Combos, coffee, carrot sticks, condiments, oh my!

We arrived Saturday afternoon and slept on the air mattress for another night.  The movers arrived at 8 AM sharp on Sunday with all our stuff.  I was sorely mistaken thinking that the packing process would be the worst.  Turns out, the unpacking process was one of the most overwhelming things I’ve ever experienced.  First of all, it was basically a race between them bringing in the boxes and us unpacking them.  Secondly, trying to decide where a house-full of two people’s stuff is gonna go literally made my brain hurt.  3.5 hours later, we were left with pile upon pile of stuff.  I spent the remainder of the day just on the kitchen while Wayne was busy upstairs.  I just couldn’t believe how much stuff came out of our average-sized kitchen that all had to be put in a new place.  Uuuggghh… here’s what it looked like, mid-organizing…

Pssh, this pic does not even do it justice.

By the end of the day, we were both exhausted.  Unfortunately, we had no choice but to drag ourselves to the store because we needed a shower curtain and toilet paper, two things that are sort of necessary.  Dinner was a quick salad and frozen, sodium-laden, skillet concoction of shrimp, pasta, asparagus and a tomato basil sauce.  It was kind of bland but sufficed.

The food has been less-than-stellar since we got here.  Can we say Buffalo Wild Wings, hot dogs, and egg sandwiches?  We finally got groceries yesterday at a fun store called Cub Foods (it was no Meijer, though 😦 ).  Interestingly, you have to bag your own groceries there.  Anyway, I only have one more pic to share, and it’s of my very delicious breakfast this morning.

Oats with milk, cinnamon, Splenda, Naturally More PB, and strawberries

Ok, so this post has taken like over an hour to write… like, almost 2 hours because the pics are taking foreverrrr to download.  Don’t get my wrong, I’m beyond thankful to have internet, but dang, I hope it’s not always this slow…. With that said, I have no idea what I’ve written, but I’m tired and my neck hurts, so byebye for now loves!