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Just stuff January 25, 2011

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Hello, friends.  Once again, I’m holding down the fort by myself since Wayne is on another work trip.  Therefore, all I have for you is a bunch of random things I found on my camera.  We’ll start with just a glimpse of my fruit obsession.  I’ve been eating clemetines, berries, grapes, and pears like it’s my job.  I actually had a dream about orange sherbet with raspberries, so I had to have some…

I’m also liking yogurt again.  This bowl was sooo good… vanilla Chobani greek yogurt with blackberries and honey.

Here’s a pretty omelet I made over the weekend.  I must say, it’s probably the best omelet I’ve ever made.  Inside was potatoes, broccoli, onions, cheese, and salsa. 

Last night’s dinner was very… thrown together.  One one foil-lined baking sheet, I threw on some marinated extra-firm tofu and sweet potatoes.  I seasoned them up and roasted them for awhile.  Random and delicious. 


Truly random December 12, 2010

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Just wanted to share some recent eats.  I haven’t been very adventurous with trying new recipes for obvious reasons, so I’ve been making a lot of tried-and-true, sometimes strange, very easy dinners.

This would be spaghetti noodles, jarred Light alfredo sauce, sauteed mushrooms, broccoli, topped with parm.

Chicken stir-fry with rice, chicken egg roll, and sweet & sour sauce.

Roasted carrots, and half of a baked potato with obscene amounts of sour cream.

Avocado + tomato + balsamic + EVOO + salt + pepper = delicious

Last, but not least, tater tot casserole!  Can’t go wrong with that 😉


Going MIA… October 22, 2010

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Sorry for disappearing, kids, but we have a slight problem.  Apparently, I left my camera battery charger in Michigan at my mom’s.  So while I await its arrival, the blog will suffer.  Be back soon!


Farewell… July 29, 2010

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Hello loves!  I just wanted to stop in to say I will be abandoning blogland until probably  Monday.  Wayne and I are leaving for a whirlwind of a weekend tomorrow… at 2 AM.  Yes friends, you read correctly, I said 2 AM… meaning in approximately 6 hours.  We will be heading back to MI for Wayne’s cousin’s wedding.  Unfortunately, we will be leaving our little SON home alone for the weekend, hence why the trip will be so short.  So while you’re all dreaming of lollipops and cupcakes tonight, we will be beginning our 11-12 hour drive to the homeland (sort of).  And keep your fingers crossed that nothing comes up along the way, since we’ll be cutting it pretty close to make it to the rehearsal on time!  Eeek!  We’ll be back on Sunday, and until then, I bid thee all farewell!  🙂


I have a blog? June 21, 2010

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Hello, my loves!  I’ve missed you so much.  I feel so out of the blogging loop.  I’ve been having a great visit with my mom and aunt which means no time to blog since Wednesday, gasp!  It’s 3:40 AM and I’m about to take the fam to the airport.  Boooo.  Then I swear I will have a new post up sometime today.  Lots of great food has been had, and I can’t wait to share!  “See” you soon, my little bloglettes!


Steamy April 1, 2010

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Whew, it’s a little toasty outside!  NOT complaining, though!  Am toying with the idea of turning on the air conditioning.  Love the sentence fragments?  Two years ago today, it was a freeezing cold night in MI when Wayne proposed to me.  Aww, ain’t it special?  On April Fool’s Day, nonetheless.  He’s SO not good at keeping secrets (he often gives me Christmas and B-day gifts early…), so the second he picked up the ring, he just had to give it to me right away!  Anyway, let’s get going.  Apparently, the ones who commented want me to continue with the randomness instead of going straight-up-recipe style.  So, if randomness is what you want, randomness is what you’ll get!

Wayne and I took a long walk last night after dinner.  There are tons of paved paths around here.

Here’s where I post some pics from the walk.  Then I was gonna post today’s eats.  Unfortunately, WordPress slash my computer slash my internet SUCK and will not allow me to upload any of these pictures.  So, I’m leaving before I get reeeeally unhappy!  How’s that for random?


Weekend update March 28, 2010

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**Disclaimer:  This post has taken approx. 3 hours to write due to shitty, horrible internet service and multiple “IO errors” (whatever the hell that means) while uploading pictures.  To say I’m pissed and frustrated would be a gross understatement.  So, I am apologizing now for the fragmented, off-centered crap that follows.  I’m leaving it written as I started it… hours ago. 

Hello bloggies, family, and randoms.  I’m gonna cut right to the chase since I have quite a few pics to share and am planning on budgeting at least an hour to upload them all (uugghh, all for you, though!)


Saturday started out with another breakfast cookie… much better than the first one I made!

Made with 1/3 cup old-fashioned oats, 1 Tbsp Naturally More PB, 1/2 scoop Jillian Michael's Vanilla Creme Whey Protein, splash of almond milk, and cinnamon.

After breakfast, Wayne and I headed out for TRADER JOE’S!!!!!!  Woohooo!  There are FIVE of them in MN, and we went to the St. Paul one (about 20 minutes away).  It was suuuuper busy, so we only made one trip through the aisles.  I will be going solo on future visits, just FYI.  We got home, starving, and tore into some awesome Spicy California rolls.  YUH-UMMMM.

Saturday’s dinner was some Dover Sole (a white fish, new to me) we picked up at TJ’s.  The package said pan-searing was the best way to cook it.  I dredged it in a mixture of flour, bread crumbs, and seasonings, then pan-fried it in a little olive oil.  Well, after all the fish juice from the package spilled all over my counter/cabinet/floor (AAAHHHH!), the fish stuck all in the pan and totally fell apart.  The oil splattered all over my stovetop, and then I dropped the dirty spatula on the floor and watched breading and oil fly all over.  Not to mention, the frozen veggie mix I made as a side dish tasted like ass.  I was so pissed about the whole thing, I refused to take a picture!  After that disaster, we went and saw The Bounty Hunter, only to return to a fishy, rank smelling home.  Ewwwww.  Ok, enough of Saturday!


Sunday started with another oat concoction…

 ***OK, after FIVE attempts, the stupid ass picture does not want to upload.  So you’ll have to use your imagination about what a bowl of oats, almond milk, pro powder, strawberries, and TJ’s raw crunchy AB looks like.

The day continued with a little more shopping and my purchase of this freaking adorable, very spring-like purse.  Obsessed.

It's more purple-y in real life

Ok, I’m back after about an hour of trying to upload pictures and it saying “IO Error,” whatever that means.  Needless to say, a lot of F-bombs have been dropped.  Anyway, I finally joined the smoothie club and whipped one up this afternoon…

It was made with this stuff…

a handful of TJ's spinach, about 1 cup of TJ's Very Cherry Berry Mix, almond milk, and a touch of Splenda

Dinner was pizza made with TJ’s whole wheat pizza crust, turkey bacon, onion, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and a mixture of mozz/parm/feta cheeses