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I got nothin’ December 9, 2011

Filed under: Beef,Sandwiches — WannaBe Chef @ 10:47 am

I am running on about 4 hours of interrupted sleep, thanks to my beautiful, almost-7-month old daughter who still doesn’t sleep.  I can sleep when I’m dead, right??  Well, I just wanted to share one of our dinners with you while she’s taking one of her infamous 20 minute “naps.”  We’re still on Wayne’s menu for the week.  When he came home with these frozen, sliced steaks in a box, I was less than excited.  I was thinking, mmmm, processed, salty, mystery meat sandwiches!  Can’t wait!

But I was pleasantly surprised when I turned the box over.  Ingredients?  Beef.  Sodium?  25 mg.  Kinda high in fat, but it’s steak, what do you expect?

So I sauteed some onions and cooked the steak slices with some Worchestershire, steak seasoning, salt and pepper.  Then I toasted some sub buns under the broiler, piled them high with the steak/onions and some swiss cheese, and returned them to the broiler until nice and bubbly.  Omg, these sandwiches were SO good.  (I promise the sandwich wasn’t as monsterous in real life as it looks here!)


One Response to “I got nothin’”

  1. Erin Says:

    OMG Jeff is obsessed with that meat too! ha

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