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Soup and pie December 19, 2011

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Hey, all.  This will probably be my last quick post before the holidays!  We are leaving at 6 am on Thursday for MI, and obviously there’s a lot to do to prepare for the trip!  Yesterday, Wayne, Macy and I had our little family Christmas so we wouldn’t have to pack and re-pack gifts.  Of course, Macy liked the wrapping paper more than the gifts, but that’s to be expected when your kid loves that crinkly sound.  I made a simple and tasty soup for dinner and Dutch apple pie for dessert.  I’m not usually a big pie-person, but I had a frozen crust leftover from Thanksgiving, so I figured why not make a pie?

Delicious soup, terrible photo

Stuffed Pepper Soup

Click here for recipe from Skinny Taste

The only changes I made:  added about 1 Tbsp of Worchestershire to the meat/peppers while they cooked, omitted the marjoram, and let the soup simmer for about 1.5 – 2 hours instead of 30 minutes.  I also served it with parmesan cheese on top.

Dutch Apple Pie

Click here for recipe

I followed it exactly!  It turned out really well.


Santa Fe Casserole December 12, 2011

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Happy Monday, folks.  I’m even more sleep-deprived than when we last “spoke,” thanks to the two evil top teeth in my daughter’s mouth that, apparently, are scared to show themselves.  Well, one of them has actually cut through, but its neighboring tooth is a big ole tease.  Anywho, I made a quick and easy casserole last night.  It was good and cheesy, and I loved the chew from the brown rice with the creaminess of the kidney beans.  It was quite tasty, although the photo makes it look otherwise…

Santa Fe Casserole
Slightly modified from Healthy Tipping Point

I used one can of kidney beans instead of a half can of kidney beans + a half can of red beans.  I also didn’t add nearly as much black pepper as the recipe called for.  I sauteed the green peppers with the onions, too, instead of just stirring them into the rice mixture raw.



I got nothin’ December 9, 2011

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I am running on about 4 hours of interrupted sleep, thanks to my beautiful, almost-7-month old daughter who still doesn’t sleep.  I can sleep when I’m dead, right??  Well, I just wanted to share one of our dinners with you while she’s taking one of her infamous 20 minute “naps.”  We’re still on Wayne’s menu for the week.  When he came home with these frozen, sliced steaks in a box, I was less than excited.  I was thinking, mmmm, processed, salty, mystery meat sandwiches!  Can’t wait!

But I was pleasantly surprised when I turned the box over.  Ingredients?  Beef.  Sodium?  25 mg.  Kinda high in fat, but it’s steak, what do you expect?

So I sauteed some onions and cooked the steak slices with some Worchestershire, steak seasoning, salt and pepper.  Then I toasted some sub buns under the broiler, piled them high with the steak/onions and some swiss cheese, and returned them to the broiler until nice and bubbly.  Omg, these sandwiches were SO good.  (I promise the sandwich wasn’t as monsterous in real life as it looks here!)


Checking in December 6, 2011

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Hi!  I haven’t been cooking many new things lately.  Mostly because it’s December, and I’m busy with holiday stuff.  This year is particularly busy for us.  Last year, we drove back, but this year, we’re flying back with Macy.  It should be interesting, to say the least.  The problem is that we can’t haul a bunch of gifts on the plane with us, so I have to ship them to MI ahead of time…. which means I need to buy them, wrap them, and pack them soon so they get there in time.  So yeah, I’m starting to feel the time crunch.

Also, Pinterest has my head swimming with ideas, and all I really want to do is craft, craft,  craft!  Here’s one thing I made… “Holiday Dough!”  I know giving cash is kind of lame, but Wayne’s family likes cash, and this is just part of their gift anyway.  This was super easy, and it makes a cash gift a little more interesting (and makes $20 look like a lot!).

I’ve been working on some other projects but can’t share those until after Christmas 😉  Someday, I also want to share my home made baby food with you.  Macy started eating solids recently, and it’s been fun making new things for her.

I guess that’s all for now.  Just to keep this post food-related, here’s our dinner last night… big salads with (imitation) crab and all the fixings.  We also had biscuits on the side.  Also, may I add that my dear husband planned the whole menu for this week AND did all the grocery shopping on Sunday 🙂