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2 for 1 November 9, 2011

Filed under: Mexican-inspired,Salad — WannaBe Chef @ 10:14 am

Somehow I got one dinner behind in my posts, so today I’m just going to post two in one.  First up is another tasty salad.  It’s pretty much like the “Best Salad Ever,” with a few changes.  This one had shrimp, apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, buttered almonds (lots of them!), and a bottled balsamic vinaigrette which was not as good as homemade… it was too vinegary.

That brings us to last night’s dinner.  I’m going to apologize up front about the terrible pictures.  Macy was super fussy, so getting a photo at all was a small miracle.  I had leftover puff pastry from when I made chicken and apple pot pie, so I went to the puff pastry website and found a recipe for taco pockets.

After working with puff pastry twice now, I’ve decided I could take it or leave it.  The first time, it never baked all the way through.  This time, the rolling out process and the flour everywhere was just too close to being a baking experience; a little too fussy for a week night dinner.  Maybe not having a rolling pin played a part in that, too, haha.  To make it a little easier, I ended up cutting the whole sheet of pastry into four squares first, then rolling each square out individually.  Despite the fuss-factor of making these, they turned out really well.  The pastry baked all the way through this time, and the taco filling was a great pairing with the crispy, light pastry.

My attempt at trying to get a view of the filling = FAIL.

Taco Pockets

I followed the recipe exactly, except that I only made half of it… so I used just one sheet of pastry dough, and that made four large pockets.


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