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Oh.Em.Gee, you guys… October 31, 2011

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Have you ever had the English dessert called Sticky Toffee Pudding?  Have you ever heard of it?  I never had until I saw a competition on the Food Network, years ago, where Haagen Dazs was trying to find the next best flavor.  Well, the winner was a woman who created a Sticky Toffee Pudding ice cream.

According to Wikipedia:  Sticky toffee pudding is a British steamed dessert consisting of a very moist sponge cake, made with finely chopped dates or prunes, covered in a toffee sauce and often served with a vanilla custard or vanilla ice-cream [1].

I remember searching and searching for the elusive “limited edition” ice cream but never finding it.  I eventually gave up and forgot about it…. until…. I saw it again on the Food Network’s new show Sugar High (the dessert, that is… not the ice cream).  My obsession was renewed.  I had to find a recipe, and I had to make this.  As you may remember, I am not a baker, and after seeing such thigh-hugging ingredients as heavy cream, butter, and sugar, I put off making it for a couple weeks in hopes that my desire would fade.  It didn’t.  It was all I could think about.  Cake, made out of dates… toffee sauce… toffee sauce!  I caved, made it, and ate it.  It was everything I dreamed of and more.  It was quite possibly one of the best desserts I’ve ever had.  Do yourself a favor: pull out your inner Paula Deen, buy some heavy cream and butter, and get to baking!!

English Sticky Toffee Pudding

Click link above for recipe.  I followed it exactly, but I didn’t make the whipped cream.  Also, based on the reviews, I added a little salt to the toffee sauce and used salted butter for the cake and the sauce.  So I guess I didn’t follow the recipe exactly.  The recipe does have a few steps, but it’s pretty simple.  Just a note, the batter will look like a hot mess and you’ll think “OMG why is it so watery and lumpy?  Was I supposed to drain the dates first??” but really, it will be fine.  Somehow, the watery mess bakes up into a beautiful, spongy, dark, golden brown sheet of delicious.

Oh, and mine only took about 28 minutes to bake (not 35), so keep an eye on it.

Oh, and use Medjool dates, not the cheap, dry, pre-chopped ones in the package.  Medjool dates are big and sweet and sticky and delicious.  They have a pit inside.  They are a little expensive, and they can usually be found near the produce section of the store, sometimes refrigerated.  They’re also delicious stuffed with a little peanut butter or a couple almonds.  I digress.  They look like this:

ENJOY, and thank me later 🙂


One Response to “Oh.Em.Gee, you guys…”

  1. Terri Says:

    omg, that dessert has my name written all over it!

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