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Stupid camera January 27, 2011

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I really hate technology.  Yesterday, my camera decides to say “card locked!” and not let me do anything.  And yes, the little tab on the memory card was in the “unlocked” position.  UGH!!  So after digging out the camera’s manual and finding the only advice to be “make sure the tab is in the unlocked position,” I just spent at least two hours on the photo program on my computer, Google, and various message boards trying to figure it out.  I was this close to “formatting” the card (a.k.a. erasing everything on the card) when I took out the battery and card for the hundredth time and gave it another good blow of air…. and bam, it works now.  After all that, I just needed to blow on it.  You’ve got to be kidding me, camera.

ANYWAY, just had to vent, and the good news is that I can now post more random food for you.  I was very excited to find some new-to-me flavors of Chobani… here’s the delicious mango variety, and yesterday, I also tried the black cherry flavor.   

This was one of my bachelorette dinners… Annie’s Organic mac and cheese with red peppers, tomatoes, salsa and Frank’s mixed in. 

That was all I had for dinner that night because I couldn’t (and still can’t) stop eating these freaking caramels.  I made the mistake of buying a bag because they were on clearance, and they are literally the best things everrrr.  Must… stop!!


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