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Just stuff January 25, 2011

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Hello, friends.  Once again, I’m holding down the fort by myself since Wayne is on another work trip.  Therefore, all I have for you is a bunch of random things I found on my camera.  We’ll start with just a glimpse of my fruit obsession.  I’ve been eating clemetines, berries, grapes, and pears like it’s my job.  I actually had a dream about orange sherbet with raspberries, so I had to have some…

I’m also liking yogurt again.  This bowl was sooo good… vanilla Chobani greek yogurt with blackberries and honey.

Here’s a pretty omelet I made over the weekend.  I must say, it’s probably the best omelet I’ve ever made.  Inside was potatoes, broccoli, onions, cheese, and salsa. 

Last night’s dinner was very… thrown together.  One one foil-lined baking sheet, I threw on some marinated extra-firm tofu and sweet potatoes.  I seasoned them up and roasted them for awhile.  Random and delicious. 


2 Responses to “Just stuff”

  1. Those eats look AMAZING!! And…orange sherbet with raspberries sounds amazing!

  2. Mom Says:

    Dang…those raspberries look good!

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