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Second favorite spud soup December 21, 2010

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Look, another recipe!!  This one is a definite keeper, but then again, I haven’t met a potato soup that I didn’t like.  I’d have to say my favorite is still this Spicy Hot Potato Soup, but this one comes in at a very close second.  The recipe says it’s from Panera, but I’ve never had this soup at Panera.  I could be wrong of course.

Please excuse the horrible picture.  Wayne’s friend came over for lunch, and he would probably think I was nuts if he saw me taking pics of a bowl of soup, so I took one real quick of the whole pot when he was in the bathroom!       

Panera’s Cream Cheese Potato Soup
Click HERE for recipe

The only things I did differently:

  • Sauteed 2 large, chopped carrots and the onions first, then added the broth and potatoes
  • Probably used more than 4 cups of potatoes
  • Used less of all the seasonings (and black pepper instead of white), then just seasoned my own bowl if I thought it needed more
  • Make sure you cut the cream cheese into small chunks because they take awhile to melt into the soup. 

I highly recommend this soup for a cold winter day!  It was deeelicious.


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