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The charger has arrived! October 25, 2010

Filed under: Holiday,Life — WannaBe Chef @ 6:50 pm

Hi kids!  I got my camera battery charger!  Thanks mommmmy.  However, all I have to share with you today is our pumpkins.  Wayne and I carved these last night.  I will say… carving pumpkins is a lot more work than I ever remember.  Of course, as kids, you’re just carving the standard triangle eyes and three-toothed grin.  We got a little more advanced with ours.  My pumpkin-carving tips:  1.)  Buy more than one set of carving tools – so you don’t have to share, AND in case the knives break… which they did in our case  2.) Scrape those walls down from the inside.. it’s difficult to carve and stay accurate with the details on such a thick-walled pumpkin. 



And together now

Not too shabby!  Do you carve pumpkins?  Any plans for Halloween?  I’m kinda sad I will be missing the big annual Halloween party at my mom’s this year.  Check out this post from last year… we had a ton of fun Halloween food 🙂


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