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A quick Hey from MI September 22, 2010

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Hi bloggies!  I’m currently chilling in a hotel room in the town we used to live in.  It’s been a crazy few days back here in MI.  My sister’s wedding went fantastically.  I haven’t been a very good food blogger, but I do have a couple pics for you! 


Bride and Groom cutting their beautiful cake:

Dozens of Italian cookies, homemade by the groom’s family (clearly a hit, since most of them were gone by the time I took a pic!):

Largest cobb salad known to man, at the rehearsal dinner:

Largest dessert known to man, at the rehearsal dinner:

My baby sis and I on the party bus:

My favorite little girl that we got to see last night for the first time since we moved 6 months ago:

I’m off to visit with my former co-workers today.  Ta-ta for now!


One Response to “A quick Hey from MI”

  1. Terri Says:

    Ahhhhh, the desserts….goodbye wedding cake & cookies, back to the real world now.

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