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Name that drink September 14, 2010

Filed under: Chicken — WannaBe Chef @ 6:49 pm

G’day, lovely readers.  Let’s just go through the day, shall we?  I haven’t done this in awhile.  Get ready for some random pics! 

Breakfast:  Oat bran is back… with Splenda, cinnamon, a pinch of salt and peanut butter.

Lunch:  Kind of pathetic… Veggie burger with BBQ sauce on a slice of bread, “salad” aka lettuce, parm, and citrus poppyseed dressing… had to get creative since we’re leaving for 10 days and trying to clean out the fridge. 

Dinner:  I used this seasoning packet that’s been sitting in the cabinet for longer than I’d care to admit.  Hint:  It’s actually seen the inside of two different pantries… in two different states…

I obviously didn’t mess with wings and used chicken breasts instead.  It turned out reeeally, really tasty! 

And then for dessert, I had this lovely pink beverage…  Can you guess what it is?

Crystal Light?  Fruit punch?  A vodka cranberry??  Nope.  It’s Very Berry Airborne.  I’m starting to feel that little dry tickle in my throat, and I’m trying to tackle it right away since, you know, my sister is getting freaking married in 4 days!

Bye bye for now!


2 Responses to “Name that drink”

  1. Ashley Says:

    So excited for you to be in MI for a looooong time again! YAY! Can’t wait to have a few pink drinks at the wedding… although they won’t be Airborne!!

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