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Farewell… July 29, 2010

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Hello loves!  I just wanted to stop in to say I will be abandoning blogland until probably  Monday.  Wayne and I are leaving for a whirlwind of a weekend tomorrow… at 2 AM.  Yes friends, you read correctly, I said 2 AM… meaning in approximately 6 hours.  We will be heading back to MI for Wayne’s cousin’s wedding.  Unfortunately, we will be leaving our little SON home alone for the weekend, hence why the trip will be so short.  So while you’re all dreaming of lollipops and cupcakes tonight, we will be beginning our 11-12 hour drive to the homeland (sort of).  And keep your fingers crossed that nothing comes up along the way, since we’ll be cutting it pretty close to make it to the rehearsal on time!  Eeek!  We’ll be back on Sunday, and until then, I bid thee all farewell!  🙂


2 Responses to “Farewell…”

  1. Travel safe and HAVE FUN!!!!

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