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Shrimpies and Randoms July 22, 2010

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Hello, lovely people!  I’m still up to my ears in wedding projects today.  Well, I guess now I would say I’m up to my… waist?  It’s been frustrating at times, but for the most part, all my projects are turning out well and I can’t wait for little sister to see everything 🙂  So anyway, the other day I totally got lost in Super Target while shopping for components for said projects.  I literally had to stop in the middle of an aisle and think to myself “Which Target am I in?” and “What did I even come in here for?”  That’s what happens when I don’t have a list.  Two hours later, I emerged with many things for my sister, but also:  a cute tank top for myself, a clearance tankini top, cute metallic ballet flats, this awesome nail polish…

Kinda mango-y, no?

and this new-to-me Sabra.  I almost did a little “Squeeeee!” in the aisle because I was so excited about finding it.  It was delicious and seriously rivaled my beloved Greek Olive.  It was gone in less than 48 hours.

Also, have I told you about my recent obsession with cherries?  Gotta love in-season fruit. 

That brings us to tonight’s dinner.  I find myself, once again, in a state of minimal groceries, so I had to get pretty creative tonight. 

  • I took some cooked shrimp (about 1/2 pound) from the freezer, thawed them out, and took the tails off. 
  • Then I sauteed onions and garlic in a dab of EVOO till they were nice and brown, then stirred in the last of a jar of salsa, the last of a jar of plain spaghetti sauce (about 1/2 jar), and some water.  I seasoned it up with garlic powder and lots of Frank’s hot sauce and let it simmer for awhile while my brown rice and broccoli cooked. 
  • Just before serving, I stirred in the shrimp and let them heat through.   

This meal was ridiculously easy, surprisingly tasty, and 100% from the “pantry!”


3 Responses to “Shrimpies and Randoms”

  1. I am loving that color of nail polish! I may have to go and find that at the store! I totally get sucked into Target!!

    Dinner looks amazing!! YUM! Love pantry meals!

    • amsterwill83 Says:

      Yeah, I love the polish! It’s called “Timbleberry,” from Target, on the bottom shelf… only $1.99

  2. Ha I’ve definitely had that “which target am I in?” situation. Many times, unfortunately.

    And since you’re minimal groceries, let me know if you want to hit up the STP Farmer’s Market tomorrow–it’s a good time!

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