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Hump Day July 21, 2010

Filed under: Fruit,Oatmeal,Pasta,Salad — WannaBe Chef @ 4:15 pm

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  I’ve been up to my ears in wedding projects for my sister.  I fully plan on blogging about all my little projects eventually, but not now since there’s a 0.1% chance that she reads my blog.  Anyway, I have some food for you all to look at.  Ready?  Mmmkay, here goes… 


Below you will see possibly the best salad I’ve ever had.  It contained:  Romaine, leftover corn on the cob, leftover reheated steak, avocado, snap peas, cucumbers, lemon juice and BBQ sauce.  So freaking good.  

This was a lovely little dinner I whipped up that same day.  First I made some couscous and sauteed up a big chicken breast that I diced and seasoned.  Then I stirred some salsa, seasonings, leftover corn on the cob, red bell peppers, and snap peas into the couscous.  Lastly, I topped it with cucumbers, avocado, feta and hot sauce.  Very easy and very tasty! 

Here’s last night’s dinner… mini turkey meatloaves (turkey, minced onions, salsa, bread crumbs, garlic powder, salt), garlic bread, and veggies with hummus.

This little gem was my breakfast this morning.  I was inspired by a tweet from Miranda to make some blueberry softserve.  So on top of my plain oatmeal with peanut butter, I put a big blob of creamy blueberries and bananas!  Yep, it’s just frozen bluberries with a couple frozen banana slices… all processed in the food processor.  Delicious.  

Lastly, it’s our first tomato harvest!!  Haha, I have been babying our little tomato plant for MONTHS now, and it has finally given us something!  We will be enjoying these in a big salad tonight… I hope they’re good!


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