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Our First Visitors: Part 3 June 23, 2010

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Today, I bring you the third and final installment of my long weekend with mom and auntie:  Sunday.  We started out with a bang of a breakfast… Overnight French Toast.  This time, I used a loaf of multigrain bread that had sunflower seeds and honey in it (!!).  On the side and top is Morningstar sausages, fruit and syrup.  Soooo yuumy.

We didn’t really have anything planned for Sunday, so we decided to go mini-golfing… something we all used to do everytime we went on vacation as kids!  If you don’t hear from me again, it’s because my mom killed me for posting a picture with her in it.  But technically, she said don’t post the pics of her from the festival!   

After that, we had lunch at Wayne’s favorite place on the freaking planet:  Buffalo Wild Wings, aka B-Dubs.  No pictures to share, though.  I just had a chicken salad anyway.  We also went to Coldstone (!) for lunch dessert and rented some movies.  I had the tart and tangy berry yogurt with Oreos mixed in.  I seriously slacked with the pics here, my apologies.  We were all pretty tired when we got back.  We watched Alice in Wonderland and all of us were struggling to keep our eyes open.  The movie was pretty disappointing!  Didn’t like it.  Awhile after that (I’m talking like 8PM since we were all so full), it was time for dinner.  For the last supper, I had my favorite chicken ever planned:  Bourbon Chicken.  SO.  GOOD. 

Then we watched our second movie, The Hangover, which mom/auntie hadn’t seen yet.  I don’t think that movie will ever get old.  You must see it if you haven’t, it’s hilarious.  We called it an early night since the fam’s flight left at 5:41 AM.  Yes, that’s right, we got up just past 3 AM.  It was awesome.  We said our goodbyes and that’s it!  It was a great weekend and I’m so glad we finally had our first visitors!  Thanks for coming out Mom and Auntie!!


3 Responses to “Our First Visitors: Part 3”

  1. The Hangover never gets old…I don’t think it matters how many times I’ve seen it!

    All of your eats look amazing! And…overnight french toast?!!? Delish!!

  2. Ashley Says:

    How did your mom like the Hangover? I love it – we bought it for Jim for Christmas and he loved it, too.

    Mini golf looks like fun!!

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