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Taking one for the team June 9, 2010

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Let’s talk leftovers.  I usually don’t mind eating leftovers, but only once… unless it’s something really good like pizza or cake of course.  And as “unpicky” as Wayne is, he is not a fan of leftovers at all.  Back in MI when I only lived about an hour from my mom, I used to freeze the leftover portion or two of our weekly meals and give them all to her about once a month.  She lives alone and doesn’t like to cook for just herself, so this little system worked out well.  Plus, she got to try all the creations she saw on the bloggy.  She actually coined the term “MMOWs” for the meals – Manda’s Meals on Wheels.  Cute, right?  So anyway, MMOWs have unfortunately stopped due to the 11 hour distance between us now.  This means I’m stuck with leftovers.  Ugh.  I’ve put a few meals in the freezer, but I’m afraid that once they’re in there, they don’t come back out.  So I built in a day of “freezer leftovers” into this week’s dinner plan.  Or I may have been really uninspired at coming up with something new… 

Using up leftovers actually came into play with all my meals today.  Breakfast was… do I really need to say it?  An oatmeal pancake!!  Today I added 1/2 smashed banana to the batter and sliced the other half on top.  I would have preferred strawberries, but the bananas are ripening really fast and need to be used up! 

Lunch was one of THREE huge leftover portions of Speedy Tamale Pie.  Uuughh, this was not at all what I wanted, but it had to be done.  I loaded it up with salsa and sour cream, which made it a LOT better.  Still not my ideal lunch, but it worked.  Not sure about those other two containers in the fridge, though…

Yes, I reheated it in the plastic container... I live on the edge.

Dinner was straight from the freezer.  Remember this chicken and rice from 4-10-10??  Yeah, I forgot it was even in the freezer.  Wayne was the lucky one and got the leftover enchiladas, which reheated very well.  I did not have high expectations for my chicken, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was still very moist and flavorful.  I doctored it up with more salsa and nearly a whole bag of raw sugar snap peas <– latest obsession.         

What’s your take on leftovers?  Do you take one for the team and eat them to avoid throwing food away, even if it’s not what you really want?  Or even if you didn’t really like it the first time around?


2 Responses to “Taking one for the team”

  1. Ashley Says:

    I hate leftovers with a passion – unless it’s some form of Mexican food or pasta. I must be pretty high maintenance because I don’t eat reheated chicken. It just tasts disgusting. Even when I buy Smart Ones or something for work I stay away from anything with meat because the thought of it gives me the creeps.

    Ok, I need to make an oatmeal pancake. That’s on the top of my list for the weekend!

  2. fitandfortysomething Says:

    gosh i love leftovers! if i like something the first time why won’t i like it the second time around? i love how creative you were with your bfast oats!

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