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Fun Post! May 27, 2010

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With the exception of my two over-easy eggs with toast, my meals today have been anything but blogworthy.  So I decided to change it up a little and give you a type of post that I’ve seen floating around the ‘sphere…. Confessions and Obsessions!  It’s fun, it’s a little revealing, and better yet, it’s completely random.  Let’s get started.


ConfessionMy wedding was over a year ago, and I still have not started the scrapbook I vowed to make, and there is not one wedding pic hanging in our house.  Why?  Because, in my opinion, there are literally no good pics of Wayne and I together… which is kind of the point of wedding pictures.  There are a lot of good ones of family, the wedding party, and the decor, but somehow taking a variety of pics of “the couple” got overlooked.  Lesson learned:  do NOT skimp on the photographer. 

ObsessionMy SON, Ziggy.  Really, it’s probably pretty disturbing to some, but I feel that my little orange and white bundle is truly my first child, and that no other cat is as cute as he is!  And of course, every little thing he does is just amazing and hilarious.  The thought of not having him just breaks my wee wittle heart!  I attribute what’s left of my sanity partly to this little guy. 

Aren't I precious?

Confession:  Our dining room table and corner cabinet are hand-me-downs from my mom.  They are solid oak, Amish-made pieces that I can remember getting when I was a child.  I think they were pretty pricey and coveted back in the day, right Mom?  I did countless hours of homework and ate countless holiday meals at that table.  Although they are not my style, I feel like the table and cabinet belong with me now since they seem to fit perfectly wherever we are!  And I can’t help but feel I have a little piece of home with me 🙂 

ObsessionLady Gaga.  Yes, she is controversial.  Yes, she is strange.  Yes, she might glue snow to her face, but she’s really very intelligent, humble, beyond creative, and has deeper meanings behind everything she does.  And no music gets me as pumped as hers!  I even bought her CDs instead of illegally downloading purchasing the songs from Itunes.  And for no other artist would I pay almost $200 (per ticket!) to see in concert this August!  *Gasp*

ConfessionSome of my FIRL (friends in real life!) may already know this, but I make lists of everything.  I guess this could also be an obsession.  I’ve had a planner every year since middle school (even though my life is not nearly busy enough to warrant one!).  I have multiple notepads, binders, and pads of paper filled with random reminders, notes, ideas, and lists.  It’s pretty ridiculous and pretty type A, but that’s just how I like it!  Making a list makes me feel in control and it reduces anxiety (Erin, RD, my list-making partner in crime, knows ess-actly what I’m sayin’).  In fact, I may or may not have a running list of ideas for fun blog posts… 

ObsessionMy water bottle.  When I worked at the hospital back in MI, I was obsessed with my “hospital cups.”  Us girls had a ritual of getting our drinks every morning, i.e. water and coffee, and then we would refill the water cup many times over the course of the day.  I would then bring the cup home and use it through the night, and even bring it with me in the car on my drive to work the next morning.  Then that cup would get tossed and a new one would replace it.  Well, obviously I don’t work there anymore :(, so I had to get a suitable replacement for my beloved cups.  Although I do have a small stash of hospital “goodbye cups,” I am saving those 🙂  Now, I have this lovely, much more Green-friendly bottle with a built in straw, and it’s never far from my reach.  Actually, it hasn’t been washed in quite a while.  Eww? 

From these...

to this!

Confession:  I am pretty open-minded about trying new foods and blog trends.  However, I just can’t get on the whole green monster train.  (I don’t want to post a pic of one here, in fear of offending someone!  So just google “green monster smoothie” to see one!)  I have tried them before, a couple different ways, and I just can’t stomach them.  From what I see in blogs, the most common green monster contains banana, spinach, and almond milk.  Of course there are countless of variations out there.  I think the first thing that gets me is the color… I mean, come on, it doesn’t look appetizing, I don’t care what anyone says!  Secondly, I’ve said before I don’t like an overwhelming banana flavor in smoothies, which is problematic when basically the only flavor and source of sweetness in the smoothie is from the banana.  Finally, it gets all foamy and glossy looking and I just.can’t.do.it!!  Sorry if this offends all the monster lovers out there.  I do add spinach to some other smoothies, though!  Just not enough to make the whole thing bright green 😉  I’ll stick to spinach salads, thanks!


That’s all for my first stab at Confessions and Obsessions.  You likey?  Or you no likey?


8 Responses to “Fun Post!”

  1. fitandfortysomething Says:

    me likey! really great…….i am a list maker too!

  2. Carrie Says:

    I loved your post today. I wish you still lived in Michigan because after reading the part about the planner/notes I think we have a lot in common…and we both have a great friend named Ashley 😉 Have a great Memorial weekend!

  3. Erin Says:

    Awesome, you made me laugh out loud!

  4. Terri Says:

    I like your “Fun Post”, especially the Zig picture..he looks so majestic. The only thing in your post that surprised me was that you let go of the “cup” obsession! ha

  5. Ashley Says:

    I know that table and hutch- I didn’t realize you had it!

    I likey the confessions/obsessions post! And Ziggy is so adorable, as always

  6. […] you may remember from this post, I love me some Lady Gaga.  Well, the queen’s new video for “Alejandro” came out […]

  7. Cate Says:

    Hello, I am a new reader and had to comment on this great post.
    I have to admit that we share some of the same “obsessions”: Gaga, lists, and water bottle.
    I agree with everything you said about Lady Gaga; she is the best! I saw her in concert over Christmas and it was fabulous; she does not disappoint!

    • amsterwill83 Says:

      Thanks fo stopping by!! I tried to comment on your blog, but for some reason it wouldn’t work…? I loooove Gaga and can’t wait to see her in concert this summer! I’ve heard it’s pretty life changing haha. I just started The Shred too and it’s sooo hard. Good luck!

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