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New things May 13, 2010

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This post will be anything but focused (are you surprised?), but I did manage to pull together somewhat of a theme:  new stuff! 


For instance, I tried this new flavor of Yoplait last night.  The first bite was OK.  Then I kept eating it and decided it was just too sweet.  Like, that’s what the flavor should be called, “Sweet.”  There was nothing red velvet about it.  If I was blind-folded, eating this yogurt, I would have no clue what flavor it was.  And after going Greek with my yogurt, this stuff was just too watery and too thin.  I couldn’t even finish the whole thing… and if you know me at all, that’s saying a lot!!  Sorry, Yoplait.  I’m just gonna stick with your frozen smoothie mixes.  And I should also share that promptly after this picture, the spoon fell… into my lap.  Nice.   

It was much more magenta than that spoonful depicts...

I made a quick, mid-week trip to the store and picked up some fun things.  I needed to replenish my cumin and paprika since I used them up making my taco seasoning last night.  I hate buying spices because they’re so pricey.  Well, today I made a great discovery… a bulk spice section!!  Check out the prices on these babies!

Ice cream is something you will almost never find in my freezer.  It’s something that I just can’t eat in moderation, so I don’t keep it in the house.  However, I had a coupon for this Stonyfield frozen yogurt, so I thought I’d give it a try.  It’s only 120 calories for 1/2 cup, it’s organic, and it’s in a tiny container… so once it’s gone, it’s gone!  I fully plan on busting into it later tonight. 

I also picked up these Shirataki noodles on a whim.  I’ve seen them around, and my curiosity got the best of me.  Once I figure out what the heck to do with them, I’ll be sure to share!  The Peanut Butter Pretzel Mojo bar is something else I’ve been meaning to try.  I sent one to my mom in her Mother’s Day box, and she raved about it, so I knew I had to get one.  She was right (of course!)… it’s a sweet-and-salty-lover’s DREAM. 

Even though I’ve had this lettuce knife for years (?), this is the first time I’ve used it.  (Sorry, Mom!)  I just never buy heads of lettuce; I always get the bags of prepared lettuce.  Well today the bagged stuff just didn’t look good (I love when the expiration date is like 10 days away, but the lettuce is already browning…), so I got some heads of Romaine instead.  This humble little plastic knife is SHARP and worked like a charm. 

Dinner tonight was supposed to Breakfast-for-dinner, but Wayne had a business dinner that I didn’t know about, so I made myself a huge salad instead.  In the giant bowl:  1 head of romaine, pickles, cucumber, grape tomatoes, feta, turkey pepperoni, McCormick salad seasoning, and light raspberry vinaigrette.  The pic was taken after I mixed everything up, so all the goods were at the bottom of the bowl. 


8 Responses to “New things”

  1. Carrie Says:

    So this is funny. I have seveal recipes for the Tofu noodles, but can’t find them at Meijer. You have the noodles, but no recipe. Go Figure. The recipes I have for the noodles are from Hungy Girl, so I would check out the website for ideas. Let me know how they are.

    • amsterwill83 Says:

      That’s too funny. I found the noodles in the refrigerated part of the produce section at a store here in MN (Cub Foods). That sucks that Meijer doesn’t have them! I will definitely check out Hungry Girl for recipes, thanks!

  2. thehealthyjunky Says:

    I have never had the red velvet cake yoplait! Thanks for the review!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog…and yours is great! Love your random “pick-ups” at the grocery store.

  4. fitandfortysomething Says:

    just bought that same mojo bar this morning! happy friday!

  5. Beth Says:

    I love “after going Greek with my yogurt”!! haha awesome.

  6. Carrie Says:

    I FOUND THEM! I went to Meijer this morning and I just thought I would swing by the Tofu section and sure enough there they were. They only had Angel Hair or Fettuccine, but I can work with that.

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