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Seis de Mayo May 6, 2010

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It seems I’m a day late on the Cinco de Mayo-esque cuisine.  In my defense, I felt it would be unfair to enjoy such a yummy dinner without Wayne, so I waited till he got back from FL to make it!  It wasn’t intentional, but lunch ended up having a lot of Mexican flavors too.  After we got back from the airport, I threw together a frozen burrito with all the fixings for Wayne and this lovely burrito bowl for myself using up a bunch of leftovers.  So, so very good!   

1/2 baked sweet potato, 1/2 cup seasoned black beans, salsa, light sour cream, and some guac (1/4 avocado+lime juice+1/4 tomato+cilantro+S&P)

Dinner was a healthier version of chiles rellenos.  I’ve had the recipe saved from Cate’s World Kitchen for awhile now and finally decided to make it.  Click the link for the recipe, as I don’t want to type it all out!  The process is a little involved, but definitely very easy and well worth it!  I really loved all the veggies inside, the egg/cheese flavor combination, and the adorable single servings!  I wanted to share a couple pics I snapped while I was making these…

Muffin tins, lined with the roasted poblanos...

filled with the egg/veggie mixture, then topped with pepperjack...

followed by a dollop of whipped eggs and all baked up!

I served them alongside rice, refried beans and salsa for a true Mexican restaurant experience.  Such a great meal… can’t wait for leftovers tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Seis de Mayo”

  1. fitandfortysomething Says:

    so love chili rellenos-love how you healthified them! happy friday 🙂

  2. mrssturgis Says:

    What a FANTASTIC idea with the poblano peppers! Yummy!!! You know the polenta rolls they sell at trader joe’s? I bet a slice of that in each cup would be yummy too! Ooh can’t wait to try it!

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