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Sunday babble April 11, 2010

Filed under: Life,One dish meal,Products,Ziggy — WannaBe Chef @ 7:25 pm

Well, I don’t have much to say today ladies and gents.  It’s been a relaxing Sunday, but I guess it can’t be anything but relaxing when you don’t have kids, friends or family to hang out with!  I decided that Wayne and I needed to drive 20 minutes away to the nearest Super Walmart to get some essentials that only Super Walmart carries.  While there are tonssss of Super Targets here, Super Walmarts are much harder to come by.  This is the total opposite of how it is in MI.  As much as I hate Walmart, it was necessary, as I was in dire need of Naturally More Peanut Butter (Walmart is the ONLY place that sells it, as far as I know!), frozen wild salmon fillets (sooo cheap at Wally), and Yoplait frozen smoothie mixes.  We went ahead and got full groceries while we were there.  Their produce suckssss, but I made it work.  The 3 jars of PB, 3 packs of salmon, and 5 smoothie bags made it all worth it!!  I was also shocked to see the new chocolate Oikos there!!  I had to try one, and let me tell you, IT IS AMAZING!!!  Now I’m gonna have to go back to Walmart to get more… 

I tried to upload a pic of my first Green Monster (aka staple beverage in blogland containing spinach and various other ingredients), but yeah, it didn’t work.  Dinner tonight was this crustless quiche I made not long ago.  I stilllll had a ton of veggies left over from that damn Asian Slaw I made last week, so this was a perfect cleaner-outer.  That’s all for tonight, I shall leave you with a pic of SONNNNN that actually decided to upload.  The way he curls his back feet like that creeps me out!   


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