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Easter for two April 4, 2010

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My internet decided to work again for who-knows-how-long.  I downloaded/upgraded my Windows Internet Explorer browser, so I’m hoping that will help.  It seems silly to upload the pictures I missed over the past few days.  I mean, who needs to see my blueberry oatmeal or leftover tequila turkey burger now??  I finally got my beautiful Easter egg pics to upload.  The decorating was supposed to be a team activity, but I soon realized that Wayne has not yet discovered his creativity in the arts and crafts field, so he officially dunked two eggs into the dye and “decorated” just one.  Can you guess which one he decorated??

This is my first real holiday not spent with my mommy and family.  It’s a little strange, but Easter isn’t all that big with my family, so it’s not too sad I suppose.  It gave me the opportunity to make my first Easter dinner for two.  Of course I googled my way to some nice recipes and soon had my menu all planned. 

Here is a list of the recipes I used:
Horseradish Mustard New Potatoes (scroll down a little bit – I halved the recipe)
Balsamic Green Beans
3 Point Carrot Cake (I halved the recipe, used a 8-9″ square pan, subbed almonds for walnuts, subbed pumpkin pie spice for the nutmeg and cloves, and omitted the raisins)
Low-fat Cream Cheese Frosting (I halved the recipe)
We also had ham – well, Wayne did.  I glazed it in my mom’s traditional mix of brown sugar, mustard, and pineapple juice.  I made myself a chicken breast with the same glaze. 

I have never, ever been a wine fan.  My knowledge of wine consists of knowing there’s white wine and red wine.  Wayne and I, however, have recently discovered an awesome, huge liquor/wine store filled with really nice, knowledgeable employees.  In turn, I’ve discovered I’m in love with sweet Reisling (Riesling?).  We polished off our first bottle Friday night, ordered some at Olive Garden last night, and made a good dent in our second bottle tonight!!  This cannot be good. 

My plate

Wayne's plate


Everything turned out quite well.  You’d think that a meat and two sides wouldn’t be a big deal, but these recipes required some prep, chopping, and different steps, so it was pretty interesting trying to juggle the oven and all four burners on the stove!  As for the specifics…. the potatoes were creamy and a nice twist on the standard potato side dish; the beans were yummy and had a distinct sweet taste (I would probably reduce the amount of brown sugar next time), the ham/chicken were your standard glazed ham/chicken!; and the carrot cake was SO good!  Now, keep in mind, it does have that dense, made-with-applesauce texture, but I personally like that a lot.  It was moist, and it cut so cleanly (I hate crumbly cake that doesn’t cut nicely!).  However, as good as the cake was, it was the frosting that made it.  

So here’s where I attempted to post a picture of the best part of the whole meal.  After about 7 attempts, I’m giving up and publishing this thing before the internet goes haywire again.  I guess you’ll have to wait until another post to see what is was! 


2 Responses to “Easter for two”

  1. Mom Says:

    LOL, is that a basketball & kitty sticker on one of those eggs? I’m guess Wayne doesn’t have a “creative” side? So, what are you going to do with those eggs now? Your green beans looked better than the ones I made.

  2. Ashley Says:

    Hahaha I love the eggs! Ziggy’s is especially cute – I love the basketball sticker.

    Riesling is my favorite! If you can find it over there, Black Star Farms has an amazing late harvest riesling. Their winery is in Traverse City, but they sell some of the wine at Meijer. Chateau Grand Traverse makes a good riesling, too, and they also sell it at Meijer sometimes.

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