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Steamy April 1, 2010

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Whew, it’s a little toasty outside!  NOT complaining, though!  Am toying with the idea of turning on the air conditioning.  Love the sentence fragments?  Two years ago today, it was a freeezing cold night in MI when Wayne proposed to me.  Aww, ain’t it special?  On April Fool’s Day, nonetheless.  He’s SO not good at keeping secrets (he often gives me Christmas and B-day gifts early…), so the second he picked up the ring, he just had to give it to me right away!  Anyway, let’s get going.  Apparently, the ones who commented want me to continue with the randomness instead of going straight-up-recipe style.  So, if randomness is what you want, randomness is what you’ll get!

Wayne and I took a long walk last night after dinner.  There are tons of paved paths around here.

Here’s where I post some pics from the walk.  Then I was gonna post today’s eats.  Unfortunately, WordPress slash my computer slash my internet SUCK and will not allow me to upload any of these pictures.  So, I’m leaving before I get reeeeally unhappy!  How’s that for random?


2 Responses to “Steamy”

  1. Carrie Says:

    I love Randomness. Hence why I dedicated an entire post today about a salad.

  2. Ashley Says:

    Awww you’re so cute! I love sentence fragments when they’re used stylistically (and I’m probably the only freak who will comment about that). You and Wayne have a first anniversary coming right up! How fun – any major plans?

    As for the lack of bathroom pics on my sad, neglected little blog: they’re coming soon, hopefully! I’ve got pics, just no internet to upload them. Flooring is going in this weekend and then sink and toilet! YAY! I hope to have an update in the next week… internet issues notwithstanding.

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