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Black beans and cilantro, again? March 30, 2010

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Another day in the life… woot woot, right? 

Breakfast was something I rarely have… pancakes!  I first saw these over on HEABbut the original recipe comes from Pimp My Protein ShakeThe recipe calls for 1 egg + 1 white, but I wasn’t sure the yolk would whip up very well, so I just used 2 egg whites.  I also subbed whole wheat flour for the coconut flour and blueberries for the blackberries.  I couldn’t decide on which topping I wanted, so I used vanilla Chobani on two, Naturally More PB on two, and raw almond butter on one.  I also added a little bit of light syrup for moisture.  The PB was definitely the best topping.  These were really tasty, but the texture was different than I expected.  It was very light, souffle-like, and egg-y.  One downside, though, is they didn’t keep me full for very long (try 2 hours or so…).  However, I have been abnormally starving today. 

Starving, you say?  TJ’s trail mix to the rescue.  Yes, I only had this one handful to tide me over till lunch. 

Lunch was a gorgeous, artsy snack plate of sorts.  Playing with your food is so fun, especially when all you have is time on your hands!  Starting at the 11:00 position and going clockwise (as if you can’t see what it is…) we have: horseradish pub cheese, carrots, pineapple, like 4 pretzel slims to fill space, TJ’s organic tofu veggie burger clone from yesterday, Viactiv calcium chew, and baby dills.  Hot, cold, crunchy, soft, sweet, salty… *Love.* 

So, after lunch I finally tackled the last of the “piles.”  This annoying pile contains randon things from our HUGE pantry and back room at our house – two things we don’t have here.  And that big cardboard box and purple crate might be full of shoes. 

Good lord, it was only a couple hours later and I was freaking hungry again.  I just felt this hollow hunger all daaaay.  I tried drinking some more water and coffee to fill the void.  Yeah, right.  I succombed to the hunger and fed it this Luna bar, hoping it’s 180 cals, 9 g protein, and 3 g fiber would do the trick.  Eh, not so much.  The flavor is OK, not very smores-esque, though. 

Dinner was another black bean and cilantro dream.  Along with sweet potatoes, I would say this soup has 3 of my favorite ingredients ever.  You can find the recipe HERE, over on Two Pea and Their Pod.  I made a couple changes – I used 2 cans of beans instead of 3, omitted the red pepper because I forgot it at the store, and used a little Frank’s instead of the red pepper flakes.  I also stirred in the cilantro at the very end.  This soup was delicious and full of color.  Unfortunately, I didn’t taste it before I added the Frank’s, because if I did, I would have known it was plenty hot already!  Yiiiikes, I’m still sweating a little!  I used 2 cans mild Rotel and 1 can medium, thinking it wouldn’t be too hot…. wrong!  I think I ate my weight in sour cream and crushed blue corn tortilla chips to tame the heat.   

Hopefully the hunger will stay at bay for awhile!!  Until tomorrow, I bid you all farewell.


2 Responses to “Black beans and cilantro, again?”

  1. I loved how you used 3 different pancake toppings, and they all sound delicious. Yes, as much as I love pancakes, they never seem to keep me satiated for long. Still yummy though.

    Lunch looked delicious as did your dinner. Oh my gosh, how I love blue chips. Hope your dreamy black bean concoction finally satiated your hunger, and best of luck with the rest of your unpacking. 🙂

  2. amsterwill83 Says:

    Thanks so much for the nice comment, Heather!

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