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Baby steps March 26, 2010

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Another day in the life of a non-working, MI transplant…  Hmm, how long are you all gonna stick around for this?  Lol.  I’m kind of going in the direction of the food-diary-style posts since I have nothing better to do (I am not photographing and mentioning everything I eat, though!).  Hopefully this doesn’t bore you all to death, although, I’ve said before that some of my favorite blogs are this style.  Anyway, on another note, I did venture out all by myself today!  Shocking!  Don’t get too excited, it was only to Wal-Mart for some random things such as rugs, cleaning supplies, batteries, shampoo, etc.  It was a very short trip, but it did bring me just a tiny sense of accomplishment.  Enough babbling, let’s start with breakfast… the very-famous-in-blogland Breakfast Cookie, created by The FitnessistaI used old fashioned oats, Naturally More PB, 1 packet of Beneprotein (don’t ask), Splenda, cocoa powder, and skim milk.  Yuh-um!  This was very tasty, however, not as voluminous as a regular bowl of oats. 

Son wants some

Lunch was thrown together quickly, as I was starving after my Wal-Mart trip.  We have: more Red Pepper and Tomato soup with Frankie and parm, leftover veggies, and an English muffin with chive cream cheese (excellent dunked into the soup!)

As another reminder of what I’m missing back in MI at my former job, I bought some of these and had one after lunch.

My afternoon snack was the other half of the avocado from yesterday, topped with a sprinkle of salt and Frankie drops.  I ate most of it plain but then ended up having a slice of turkey with the rest.  Avocado has been an acquired taste for me… something about it tastes plasticky to me.  But they really are a healthy food, so I’m workin’ on it!

Wayne and I decided to go to Old Chicago for dinner.  Wayne had a stromboli and I had the Chicken Rustica, which is “Our marinated grilled chicken breast served with our homemade Mediterranean tomato olive cruda and a side of fresh steamed vegetables and garlic bread.”  The chicken and broccoli were cooked perfectly and the olives were quite tasty.  However, between the garlic bread and raw garlic in the olive mixture, I think we’ll be safe from any vampires for a looong time.  I’m also learning that in my old age, I can no longer tolerate an entire head of steamed broccoli and peppers in one sitting 😦  The tum-tum was a little bothered once we got home… TMI, perhaps?

That’s all for tonight, folks!  Tomorrow holds possibilities of TJ’s!!!!!!!!


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  1. mom Says:

    ok, I’m asking…what’s with the beneprotein?

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