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Back in civilization. March 24, 2010

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Today is day 5 or so of being in MN, and we finally have TV and internet.  I feel a little ashamed for being so attached to these things, but daaang, I was starting to lose my mind a little bit.  I’ve been getting by using Wayne’s crackberry to check my email very quickly (since prying it out of Wayne’s hands is quite difficult…), and we’ve been watching movies every night (thanks to free movies courtesy of our apt complex!) 

Anyway, to back-track a little…. the last couple days at our house went by really fast.  The moving company came Friday morning and had our lives packed into boxes after about 9.5 hours.  Wayne, Zig, and I were left with only a few necessities that we could fit in the jeep.  Here’s what our last night looked like:

Sleeping in our completely empty house was very strange.  We got up at 4:40 AM, took our last showers, packed up the jeep, and drove away from our home at 6 AM sharp.  It was really, really sad for me, and I had a nice cry till we got to I-94.  I purposely didn’t even bother to put in my contacts for this reason, ha.  So yeah, Ziggy was such a good boy during the entire 10.5 hour drive.  He mostly stayed in his cage but came out every now and then to look around, sit in the back of the car, and take a little walk around.  The drive was looong, and for the exception of driving through the snow/rain/wind/ice in Chicago, it was bearable.  I, of course, packed a nice cooler and bag of goodies to eat on the way.

Turkey and cheese on sandwich thins

Combos, coffee, carrot sticks, condiments, oh my!

We arrived Saturday afternoon and slept on the air mattress for another night.  The movers arrived at 8 AM sharp on Sunday with all our stuff.  I was sorely mistaken thinking that the packing process would be the worst.  Turns out, the unpacking process was one of the most overwhelming things I’ve ever experienced.  First of all, it was basically a race between them bringing in the boxes and us unpacking them.  Secondly, trying to decide where a house-full of two people’s stuff is gonna go literally made my brain hurt.  3.5 hours later, we were left with pile upon pile of stuff.  I spent the remainder of the day just on the kitchen while Wayne was busy upstairs.  I just couldn’t believe how much stuff came out of our average-sized kitchen that all had to be put in a new place.  Uuuggghh… here’s what it looked like, mid-organizing…

Pssh, this pic does not even do it justice.

By the end of the day, we were both exhausted.  Unfortunately, we had no choice but to drag ourselves to the store because we needed a shower curtain and toilet paper, two things that are sort of necessary.  Dinner was a quick salad and frozen, sodium-laden, skillet concoction of shrimp, pasta, asparagus and a tomato basil sauce.  It was kind of bland but sufficed.

The food has been less-than-stellar since we got here.  Can we say Buffalo Wild Wings, hot dogs, and egg sandwiches?  We finally got groceries yesterday at a fun store called Cub Foods (it was no Meijer, though 😦 ).  Interestingly, you have to bag your own groceries there.  Anyway, I only have one more pic to share, and it’s of my very delicious breakfast this morning.

Oats with milk, cinnamon, Splenda, Naturally More PB, and strawberries

Ok, so this post has taken like over an hour to write… like, almost 2 hours because the pics are taking foreverrrr to download.  Don’t get my wrong, I’m beyond thankful to have internet, but dang, I hope it’s not always this slow…. With that said, I have no idea what I’ve written, but I’m tired and my neck hurts, so byebye for now loves!


3 Responses to “Back in civilization.”

  1. Carrie Says:

    What a nice big kitchen. Congrats on the move!

  2. Ashley Says:

    WOW! That kitchen is gigantic! Just think of all the goodies you can make, take pics of, and share with us! YAY!

    Glad you made it safely!

  3. Mom Says:

    Let’s see a picture of the kitchen now! Surely you have everything back in it’s place? You need to go to Trader Joe’s, get some good ingredients & let’s see some good meals again! You’ll have to adopt some little old lady/man to give your leftovers to OR just mail them to me!

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