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I leave you with… March 18, 2010

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lots of pictures before the big move.  The past couple days have been physically and emotionally draining.  Yesterday was my last day at work.  Seeing my desk all bare was pretty depressing, and I couldn’t hug anyone for fear of bursting into ridiculous tears.  (Shout out to the BCHS girls:  hope you don’t think I’m an ice queen, just didn’t wanna start blubbering at work!)  So I said “seeya later” and strongly encouraged (aka tried to round up stalkers) everyone to keep in touch.  Then we went to visit Ryan, Amanda, and Brianna one last time.  We had a fattttt dinner at Pizza Hut, and this little one was as cute as ever!  I hope she doesn’t forget me!!

Today, I worked like a dog around the house getting everything ready for the movers, doing laundry, dishes, and countless other things.  I started out strong with some oatmeal.  We’re all out of milk, so I had to use water.  Yeah, kinda reminiscent of paste, but the mix-ins saved it.

Honeycrisp, TJs almond butter, ground almonds, cinnamon, Splenda, and MI sunshine.

The day continued with task upon task, and I seemed to have a little leech attached to me everywhere I went…

in the cartop cargo bag...

under the kitchen sink...

and in my bag while I was trying to pack it.

I broke for lunch around noon, and boy was it a random one.  We still had a smidgen of BBQ beef left, so I plopped it on half a bun.  We also still had a bag of frozen California veggies left, so I sauteed those up with garlic, S&P, cumin, and topped it with the last of the parmesan cheese.

In the spirit of using up more food from the fridge, I made 3 big breakfast burritos with whole wheat tortillas, the last 6 eggs, cheddar cheese, onion, and lots of Frankie.  These will be the perfect quickie breakfast for the hectic 2 days ahead…

Left the eggs slightly undercooked since they will be microwaved in the AM.

Later on, my mom and pretty-much-Aunt Adeline came down to take my car to put in storage.  We had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, North Eleven.  Not only did I take a pic of my dinner, but also of theirs!  Shocking, right??  I didn’t get Wayne’s cuz he was on the other side of the table.  He just had a boring steak wrap anyway :-p

Mine: Shrimp Pesto Tortellini. This was SOOOO, so good but quite rich/heavy and I couldn't finish it all.

Mom's: Classic reuben with a side of asparagus.

Adeline's: Napa Valley Salad... it had chicken, mandarin oranges, feta, some other stuff, and an orange bacon dressing.

Somehow, we got convinced to have dessert.  Us girls shared a slice of turtle cheesecake, and Wayne had a fancy dessert coffee.

We came back, said our goodbyes, turned on the freaking tear faucets, and had one last annoying miscommunication with our horrible realtor.  I am trying not to be incredibly sad.  So far, I’m not doing a great job with that.  So yeah, the movers are coming tomorrow at 8 AM, and we are heading out super early on Saturday.  We won’t have internet till mid next week, so I hope you all stick with me.  Seeya on the flip side, lovepies.


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