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Baby post March 11, 2010

Filed under: Chicken,Life,Vegetable — WannaBe Chef @ 7:53 pm

Today was my last Thursday at work.  😦  A week from today, I will be feverishly preparing everything to be packed up by the moving company, tying up any loose ends, and saying goodbye to my car!  😦 😦  Wayne will have a company car, I will drive his jeep, and we will be putting my car in storage at my grandpa’s.  Why, you ask?  Well, because I just don’t want to sell it.  I feel like everything else is changing, I at least want to keep my car damnit.  We are coming back to MI in a couple years, ya know.  Anyway, our fridge and freezer contents are slowly dwindling which makes me feel good because I really don’t want to throw food away.  Tonight I sauteed the last of the chicken breasts with some BBQ sauce and paired it up with some sweet potato fries and snap peas.  YUH-UM. 

Don't the pea pods look braided?

I’ve got more frozen stuff pulled out for tomorrow’s dinner.  It’s kind of fun to see what you can create with a set group of ingredients.  Alright loves, that’s all for now!


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