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I got nothin… March 4, 2010

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This is a common saying that my mom and I use in our daily emails.  That’s how I’m feeling tonight.  I could write a million things, but this is a food(ish) blog, so I will refrain.  Since we are trying to use up a majority of our groceries, I present you not with a delicious “recipe,” but with my random eats over the past couple days.  Enjoy.


Tuesday’s dinner:  Chicken breast baked with some sort of thick Worchestershire-esque sauce from the fridge, green beans from the freezer, and TJ’s Harvest Grains cooked with pureed chipotle peppers from the freezer.  After the photo session, I put some parm and cottage cheese on those grains to extinguish the heat a little bit!


Wednesday’s Breakfast:  I believe this is my first weekday breakfast picture??  This is one of my favorites… whole wheat toast with Naturally More PB and a sliced honeycrisp apple.  Mmmm, apple sammie?  Yes, please.

Wednesday’s Dinner, course 1:  Big ole salad with leftover Lentil-Barley Burger, cheddar, random veggies, BBQ + lite ranch (best dressing combo ever). 

Wednesday’s Dinner, course 2:  Garlic & Parmesan pita chips with Spicy Jalapeno & Cilantro Hummus and salsa.  I needed more caaaarbs.

Tonight’s Dinner:  Clean-out-the-veggie-drawer Veggie Wraps.  Whole grain tortilla spread with lite garden vegetable cream cheese, a schmear of hummus, salsa, and hot sauce, then filled with sauteed veggies (brocc, shrooms, onions, carrots, red pepps).  Holy crap, was this good (Hi Erin, hehe).  I put some leftover chicken in Wayne’s, he enjoyed.   

That’s all I got for today, folks.  It might be all I got for the next couple days (sorry!).  It will be a busy weekend:  errands and probably eating out tomorrow, going-away party on Saturday (involving a hotel and bars…), and the usual housekeeping duties on Sunday.  Meal planning will likely be going down the drain until we are settled into our new “home.”  I hope you all bear (bare?) with me (help me with the grammar, oh wise one?)!  Toodles for now, lovelies.


One Response to “I got nothin…”

  1. planejaner Says:

    fun blog! I use the same template design on mine! Looks like yummy food, and I enjoy the pictures, too. I do a lot of…finishing up/clearing out the fridge cooking at our house…
    take care!

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