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MN day 3-4 February 18, 2010

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Hello lovelies.  Today is day 4 and it’s still full sun outside.  It’s crazy the difference it makes.  We signed a lease yesterday and opened a new bank account.  Wayne has already called 3 different insurance companies for quotes.  All in all, we are pretty much done with everything we needed to get done.  I actually took quite a few food pics yesterday.  I’m not sure if people think it’s boring/stupid to do this… Wayne doesn’t “get it” and now I am wondering if I should even bother!  Anyway…. I give you MN day 3, in pictures!

SuperTarget banana with continental coffee, OJ, toast w/a smear of cream cheese, squirt of ketchup and egg patty thingy.

Course 2 of Wayne's breakfast: homemade waffle

Made this in the room: chicken eggroll, some organic brown rice and bean mix from Target, frozen veggie mix. Not too shabby!

Lunch dessert!

Chips and queso at Wild Bill's something-or-other

My buffalo chicken salad was... eh. Iceberg lettuce sucks, and the ranch wasn't "lite" like the waitress said, it was fat-free. Barf.

Wayne posing with his taco pizza, trying to make up for completely dissing my picture-taking.

After dinner last night, we went to a movie with smuggled candy and water on hand.  This morning, I awoke to see Step by Step on TV!  Imagine the flashback!  I never realized how ugly and blue their kitchen was and how cheesy and “Full House”esque this show was!   


So, we don’t have any real plans for today and tomorrow.  We might venture onto the “transit system” and visit the Mall of America, but we can’t buy anything, so I’m not sure if we will!  Alright loves, time to shower and get around for the day.  Toodles for now.


2 Responses to “MN day 3-4”

  1. Erin Says:

    Glad to hear things are going well. Miss you!

    • amsterwill83 Says:

      ERINNNN!!! Miss you too. It feels like we’ve been here forever. Hey is Nancy working today? The apt/background check ppl will be calling her probably. I don’t even know if you’ll see that I replied to your comment! See you Monday!

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