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MN day 2 February 16, 2010

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Well, today is day 2 of our MN trip, but I feel like we’ve been here much longer!  MN is an hour behind us, so it feels like time is going sooo slow.  We were passed out by 9PM last night!  We originally planned on touring 2 townhomes a day, but we’ve managed to see most of the “favorites” already.  We have pretty much made up our minds on the one we want, but we have to decide for sure if we really want to fork out the money (it’s just a tad more expensive here than in Smalltown, MI….!).  Anyway, our hotel is AWESOME.  Our room is like a mini apartment and has the cutest little kitchenette…

We got a few groceries yesterday so we wouldn’t have to eat out every meal.  Last night’s dinner was good old PB&J!

Made with evil stuff pictured below…!  In attempt to justify this, we didn’t want to buy a whole jar of PB and a whole jar of jelly, knowing we wouldn’t be able to take it with us at the end of the week!  (Not to mention it’s freaking delicious!!)

I also found the ever-popular-on-blogs PopChips and had to try them… yeah, I may have consumed the whole bag in one sitting…

It’s really cold here, but it’s been sunny so far which makes the cold MUCH more tolerable. 

Breakfast today was of the continental variety… sorry no pics, but it was pretty good!  They even had hot stuff like eggs, sausage and waffles.  After some more townhouse tours, lunch was had in the hotel room… sunny soup and sammie (turkey this time!).

Dinner tonight was at B-dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings).  Again, no pics because I’m chicken about taking food pics in public :-p  I had a Bud Light and honey BBQ chicken salad.  It was deeeelicious.  Then, we went to our first ever Super Target!  It sort of creeped me out seeing groceries at Target!  We got some fresh fruit and other goodies.  Love.

That’s all for today folks!  I’m loving that we have WiFi, Wayne’s computer, a sweet hotel room, and most importantly, the GARMIN!!!!!  This trip seriously would not be possible without it!!  Toodles for now lovelies.


2 Responses to “MN day 2”

  1. mrssturgis Says:

    Hmm.. So Im assuming the chips were yummy? There was a crateload of them at HTB’s office the other day, and I didn’t think to take a bag. I should go back!

    • amsterwill83 Says:

      Yes, they were yummy and pretty low-cal if you can stick to one serving! They remind me of soycrisps or those Quakes rice cakes, but they are thinner, crispier (is that a word?? ha), and more hearty. There are a ton of flavors too!

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