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Farewell! February 14, 2010

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I am currently at my mom’s on the eve of our week-long trip to MN.  We will be gone Monday thru Saturday looking for a place to live and exploring the area.  I do not feel prepared for this whatsoever, and I know that it will be “real” after this trip.  Aaaanyway… I leave you with my boring eats for the day (most of them!).  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to blog during the week, but if we have internet at our hotel, I’ll try to get in a couple posts!  

Breakfast was eggs scrambled with potatoes, green onions, mushrooms, Frank’s, and mozz cheese; turkey bacon and toast.  Oh and a little V-day card from my mommy!  Wayne and I are boycotting V-day this year.

Creamy coffee in a Christmas mug.

My half-eaten lunch (forgot to take a pic till I was almost done):  Mom’s Cowboy soup (beef, veggies, salsa etc), grilled turkey sandwich, bluberry Chobani with Kashi Go-Lean.  Looove me some soup and sammie!

Over the course of the day, I’ve had one too many of “Wayne’s V-day gift” chocolates from my mom.  Yeahhhh, and a few Lindt’s truffles too!  Oooooops.

Dinner was a ginooormous taco salad with taco Doritoes, mmmm!  This was all Wayne’s idea, and it sure was a good one!  Hehe.  I didn’t manage to capture everything I ate today, and I plan to have a little snackie snack later. 

Toodles for now my lovelies!


One Response to “Farewell!”

  1. mrssturgis Says:

    Your eats look delicious! I hope all went well (or is going well) in MN!

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