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My birthday and first time… February 3, 2010

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taking food pictures in public!  What a great day it’s been!  It started out this morning with a light breakfast, knowing I would be disregarding calories later in the day…

2 egg whites w/spinach and salsa, pumpernickel toast w/margarine

My MOMMMYYY showed up shortly afterwards with a not-so-great story involving her cell phone and the bottom of her salty water softener.  Oops.  Before we left, I opened some pretty freakin’ awesome gifts which included a tonnn of cool foodie stuff, some sweet new beverage glasses, some cold hard cash, and best of all…. THIS…

MUST-HAVE when moving 10 hours away to complete foreign-land. Thanks, Mom!!

Our first stop was the Verizon store, for obvious reasons.  Then we were off to the mall where sweaters were purchased and a much-needed haircut was accomplished.  Tummies were growling and lunch was had at Olga’s…

Amaaazing bread thingys, white chicken chili, apple pecan salad... YUMMM!!!!

This is officially my first picture of a meal out.  Not gonna lie, I totally felt like a freak, and my mom totally laughed, but it happened anyway.  We had no idea we were each gonna get a giant cup of those AMAZING bread things, or else we would have skipped the salad.  Great lunch, though!  After some more shopping, we stopped back at the house for a bit, then we were back on the road to meet Wayne for dinner.  I was going to try to make “good decisions” about what I ate tonight… I really was!  But Wayne was ready to go all-out.  We started with an appetizer of jumbo shrimp cocktail…

***Warning:  Horrible, dark pictures ahead that were “auto-corrected” by my camera’s program and look even worse now!  But hey, I TOOK PICS OF MY WHOLE MEAL!

Half-eaten, with a tail included. Classy, right?!

There was also fresh bread and butter and the restaurant’s famous bar cheese with wheat crackers.  Ok, so I didn’t take a pic of my whole meal.  Next up was the fabulous dinner:  London broil (flank steak), mashed red-skin potatoes, green beans, and button mushrooms.  I never order beef in a restaurant, but it was my birthday damnit! 

Probably the worst picture ever taken in the history of picture-taking.

I really, truly, honestly was not planning on getting dessert.  However, apparently if you eat at Schuler’s on your birthday, you get a free Baked Alaska.  I couldn’t refuse a free dessert, and it doesn’t count if you share with 2 other people, right??

Filled with a brownie base topped with peppermint ice cream and covered in meringue and a ridiculous fudge sauce. The fudge was waaaay too much for me, so I just dug for the ice cream 🙂

After we rolled ourselves out of the restaurant, goodbyes were said and I’m back home.  One last thing… my mommmy just couldn’t bare the thought of her eldest daughter having a birthday without some sort of “birthday cake.”  She made me a Pina Colada Cake: angel food cake mix and pineapple made the base, then it was topped with cool whip and toasted coconut!  Genious!  I am waaaay too full to enjoy a full slice tonight, but of course I had a taste, and YUMMM!! 

Decorated with childhood balloons and hand-less ballerina! Dying.

Had a great, relaxing day with my favorite mommy and hubby!  Must sleep off the food now.  Toodles, loves!


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