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Friday January 22, 2010

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Today was interesting.  I had the day off and planned on lazing around, going to the store, and maybe doing a little clothes shopping.  Well, after last night’s drama, I found out we had a house showing scheduled for 10:00 this morning.  Thanks for the great notice, realtor from hell.  Uuughh.  So I got up earlier than I wanted to, cleaned up the house, put everything in it’s perfect little place, turned every light in the damn house on, packed up poor Zigmund and headed out to sit in some parking lots.  I had a quick, unpictured breakfast at home then got my caffeine fix at the classy Golden Arches…

Plain coffee + 1 cream + 3 Splenda + SON in his favorite spot, happy to be out of the car.

This pic was obviously taken in the house after I finally returned from over an hour of sitting in a parking lot / driving around / waiting for the randoms to vacate my house.  This pic was also taken after I discovered that said-randoms had declined to remove their wet, dirty shoes before walking through my entire house… of which approximately 50% contains very light-colored carpet.  Who.does.that???? 

Ugggh.  Next up was lunch….

Sandwich thin w/light beef bologna (yes, bologna!!), sprouts, lettuce, hummus and grainy mustard; leftover fries; clementine

After a delicious lunch, consumed just shy of NOON (yeah it was early, and I was hungry, ok?), I headed out to the store.  Three of my bestie former college roomies slash bridemaids are coming to visit tomorrow (I am soooo excited!), and I had to get some foodie stuff for us to snack on.  I found this ridiculous “weight loss” bar and had to try it…

That's a little Bob and Kim of As The World Turns in the background.

Yeah… so you’re supposed to drink 8 oz. of water and eat this $2 bar 30 minutes before each meal, and it’s supposed to “fill you up” so you eat less of the meal.  Yeeeeah, OK, I’m thinking it would just contribute an extra 150 calories to my meal.   The ingredients weren’t bad, actually. The majority of it was puffed wheat, there was no high fructose corn syrup or anything shady, and the bar was quite large.  The texture was a little off (think stale/chewy rice krispy treat) but it wasn’t terrible.


After some quality couch time, it was time for dinner… two of my favorite quickies.  Morningstar pizza burger salad with Annie’s honey mustard and a bowl of corn chipotle bisque. 

Dessert may have looked like this… x 2.  Whole grain Wasa crackers w/crunchy almond butter and low-sugar jammie jam. 

The night is still young… there may be a vodka/cranberry in my near future.  And of course, stay tuned for the shenanigans (spelling help, anyone?) that are sure to occur tomorrow.  We are such a wild bunch, let me tell ya….


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