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Chaos. January 10, 2010

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I’m feeling totally exhausted, mentally and physically.  For anyone who doesn’t know, Wayne and I are moving… not just to another house, or the next town, or an hour away.  No, we are moving out of state.  10-12 hours away.  From Michigan to Minnesota.  I could write a whooole lotta stuff here, but I will keep it short.  I’ve never had the desire to move out of state, not once has it ever been a consideration for me.  Long story short… Wayne got an amazing promotion with Kellogg’s, and we’re going.  Everything is happening really fast… we’ve spent the past 2 days feverishly cleaning, organizing, Craig’s Listing, Goodwilling, and trashing everything in our house to prepare it for sale.  I could cry at any moment, but I’m trying to get used to this whole thing the best I can.  We are hoping to be back in MI after 2 years (“or so”), which is keeping  me slightly sane.  Soooo, I will probably not be blogging as often with all this chaos happening, but I hope my baby group of readers will stick with me!  

Since this is a food blog… I feel I must post a little something edible so the blog gods don’t strike me down…

Dinner a couple nights ago: Salad with beef and randomness; sweet potatoes with dippage.

Dinner tonight: baked tater, broccoli, and not-the-greatest steak



3 Responses to “Chaos.”

  1. Starla Says:

    Best of luck! I will stick with you and your blog =) I’ve been enjoying it!

  2. Ashley Says:

    Adeline told me about your move and I was very sad… not that we visit you that often, but still. At least we have the good ole internet to keep connected! Keep posting yummy recipes from MN!

  3. Danielle Krasinski Says:

    WOW Amanda!! I cant believe your moving!!! That’crazy! I was just perusing your site and saw that. You will be greatly missed at BCHS! You are a wonderful dietitian. Have you found another job in MN yet?? What a quick move. Sorry to here the sad news but think of this as another one of lives wild adventures. Keep in touch!


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