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Twenty Ten January 2, 2010

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Happy New Year, loves.  I had a very nice time… spending our FIFTH New Year’s Eve (holy crap, time flies) with our friends Ryan, Amanda, and little Brianna.  I brought my pickle bellybuttons and Chicken Enchilada dip.  Look, I even took a pic of the recipe for you so I wouldn’t have to type it.  For anyone who cares, it’s from a magazine “Taste of Home: Appetizers for Every Occasion.”


Here’s what you need… can you tell I got most of this stuff at Wally World?  Which is sort of a fluke because I reeeally haaaate that place and rarely get groceries there anymore.

Measuring cups for your pleasure.

I hesitate to show the final product because it’s not very attractive, but of course I will share.  We munched on this dip all night long, straight out of my baby crock pot.  It was deeeelicious. 

Pic taken before heating and eating.

Bellybutton pyramid on pretty pottery plate.

We had lots of drinks and lots of fun playing traditional girls-beat-boys games like Taboo….

Double fisting: Absolut w/cran and 7-Up... Champizzy, post midnight

This was after they wised up and decided to be on teams with their wives instead of each other.

This little girl was quite the source of entertainment…


SO.FREAKIN.CUTE.  Good times. 

New Year’s Day, we headed off to Detroit to visit our friends Pete, Stacey, and their equally adorable kids Luke and Aubrey.  I suck at life and didn’t take any pictures 😦  We had a great time eating some amazing, homemade white chicken chili, beer cheese soup, and bread… then some delicious quiche and fresh fruit this morning… all made by Stacey.  More Taboo was played, along with some Balderdash which might be my new favorite game and Wayne’s intro into the world of comedy.  He was in rare form last night lol. 

After all the fun and ridiculous, ungodly amount of food and drinks I’ve consumed this holiday season (OK, who am I kidding… try the past few months)… I really really need to get back on the healthy train.  I’m starting today, and here are my first meals… comprised of the last scraps of groceries in the house.

Clementine, turkey vegalicious wrap and sides with Annie's Honey Mustard for dippage

Brown rice pasta, ground turkey, asparagus stir-fry veggies, Rotel tomatoes, with shower of parm


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