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Chill Overnight December 29, 2009

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I come to you tonight with some lovely make-ahead snacks for the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebration.  I’lll post the first part tonight, then the final product later… since they must be, as you may have guessed, chilled overnight.  

First up is cheeseball.  This ball ‘o cheese has been served in my family ever since I can remember.  There’s no recipe.. just a short list of ingredients and your own taste preference.  It’s delicious and must be served with your favorite crackers (ours are TownHouse, Toasteds, or Chick’n in a Biskit!)

Here’s what you need:


For a smaller cheeseball:

Combine the following in a large bowl:
2 packages cream cheese, softened a lot – I usually use the Light variety, it’s softer and just a tad better for you
Deli beef, sliced into strips – must be the dry-ish kind, found with all the other lunch meat and usually less than a dollar a package.  I used 1.5 packages this time, but put in as much as you want.
Frank’s hot sauce, to taste – I like it spicy
French onion soup mix – I used maybe 2/3 of a package
Sour cream, optional – sometimes I add a little bit to make the stirring easier

Then line a small bowl with plastic wrap…

and plop the cheese mixture into it… pat it down and cover with the tails of the plastic wrap.

Chill overnight then roll in chopped pecans or walnuts.  That’s it!

Next up, another childhood favorite.  These little buggers take me straight back to New Year’s Eves of the past with a certain special family.  Ashley has also recently discussed her love for these tasty nibbles, and oddly enough, she is now dating the son of said family.  Weeeird!  Oh, and by the way…. these things go by many names… Pickle rolls, Pinwheels, Belly Buttons… you choose!   

They are even easier to make than the cheeseball.  You only need 3 ingredients:

Cream cheese – traditionally plain, light variety but I enjoy the light Chive and Onion
Deli turkey – traditionally ham, but I don’t eat ham and think turkey is better 🙂 

You’ll want to use a meat that’s uniformly shaped and easy to roll and cream cheese that’s soft and easily spreadable.

All you do is carefully spread some cheese on a piece of turkey… 

Ugh, excuse the horrible appearance of this, thanks to the green cutting board and terrible lighting.

Dry off a pickle with some paper towel and roll up in the cheese/meat.  Repeat until you run out of something.  Stack in a container and chill overnight.

Slice into “bellybuttons” and serve on a peeertty platter.  Pics of final product coming later!


3 Responses to “Chill Overnight”

  1. Mom Says:

    Ahhh yes, the pickle rolls (belly buttons at the Reisbig home)…good times. Remember, I used to make them with green onions (instead of pickles) for grandpa. Oh, don’t forget the stuffed mushrooms that Adeline always made…yummmm

  2. Ashley Says:

    Here’s the link to my post with the bellybuttons: http://backtoschool205.blogspot.com/2009/12/tag-im-it-and-youre-next.html (scroll wayyyyy down to number 9).

    I should try making them with chive cream cheese, I never thought of that! And I miss your cheeseball – it’s always the best. OH- and I got to enjoy Adeline’s stuffed mushrooms on Christmas Eve! SOOOO Delicious!

  3. […] Eve (holy crap, time flies) with our friends Ryan, Amanda, and little Brianna.  I brought my pickle bellybuttons and Chicken Enchilada dip.  Look, I even took a pic of the recipe for you so I wouldn’t […]

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