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Christmas tiiiime December 27, 2009

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Bonjour mes amies.  I’m back home after a lovely and relaxing Christmas at my mommmmy’s house.  Lots (and lots and lots) of food was had.  I’m still suffering from food hangover which unfortunately will probably continue till the new year. 

So Wednesday night, we arrived at the homestead.  I was greeted by a whole tub of naked sugar cookies and my mom’s request that I decorate them.  Uuuugh… I am not so much a fan of frosting cookies (it’s that whole anti-baking thing I guess), but I managed (to eat like 10 of them, that is). 


The house was full of kitty cats (FOUR to be exact) and drama.  Here are the players…

Missie: dainty but fiesty old lady with an attitude

Millie: Pleasantly plump, mysterious shy girl

Colby Jackson: Mega hyper, playful instigator of much of said drama

Ziggy: aka MY SONNNN, sweet little boy and scaredy cat of the weekend

The kitties kept it lively for Chrismas Eve dinner…

The spread: zucchini and cranberry breads, green bean casserole, ham with quartet of mustards, amazing brisket covered up, mashed taters, veg platter, broccoli salad

My first plate: taters, brisket, ham trimmings, squash, green bean casserole

The night continued with dessert – of which there was a whole table that I neglected to photograph, OOPS.  There was also pecan pie – of which Jeff has never heard of, nor had, ever… the horror. 

He enjoyed

Games were played, mainly Jenga, which has become tradition.  It took us a good 4 or 5 rounds to get to our latest record of 32 layers.

So intense

Christmas day was chill as usual… presents were opened and more food was had…

Chicken waaangs, roasted brussels sprouts, beer boiled shrimpys

More games were played… namely the slightly violent Spoons…

and more show-downs were witnessed…

Overall, a great holiday was had.  I can’t believe it’s already over, and even worse, that work is quickly approaching tomorrow.  Toodles for now my loves.


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