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Yellow dinner… December 18, 2009

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… distant cousin of the orange dinner.  So sorry I have abandoned my teeny group of followers for the past couple days.  A lot of crap has been going down (including horrible grammar and sentence structure, apparently).  That will be for another post, however.  Let’s begin with tonight’s yellow-hued dinner.  I may or may not have previously mentioned how the past week of meals have been mostly Wayne’s requests.  I made fun of him because his menu was totally something a 10 year old would request (spaghetti, tacos, egg salad, other stuff I can’t remember)… but since my mind was completely not into menu planning, I just went with it. 

Egg salad with sprouts on a sandwich thin; Corn and Chipotle Bisque with extra corn on top

This is my second try with the Imagine line of soups.  I tried the sweet potato soup first, and I wasn’t a big fan.  It was really thin and watery, and the “light in sodium” thing made it quite tasteless.  The only way I could get it down was by sloshing it with Frank’s and parm.  Anyway, I digress.  So, I picked up this Corn and Chipotle Bisque (on sale of course) and decided to give it a try.  Unlike it’s orange counterpart, I looooved this!  I think the extra corn really took this to the next level since I must have texture.  It was thick and hearty and had a nice sweet heat thing going on.  Yummmy. 

Dinner a couple nights ago was this lovely chicken stir fry and brown rice.

And just to let you know, that peppermint ice cream was deee-licious.


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