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What I really need is a stiff drink. December 15, 2009

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Ever have a day where it seems like everyone is out to get you, piss you off, or make you cry?  A day where you just want to give up, go home, go to bed and never come out?  A day where you feel like you are hanging on by a thread and will fall apart and/or snap if the next person says so much as boo?  Wellll, today has been that kind of day.  I will spare you the details and continue on with tonight’s dinner.  I give you:  a delicious Hugh Jass Salad and a baby bowl of Progresso’s Cream of Mushroom soup for warmth.


In the mix (not that anyone cares or reads this… I just like making lists):  Romaine, green cabbage, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, red peppers, zucchini, dill pickles, green olives, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, turkey, 2 slices of turkey bacon, and Annie’s Light Honey Mustard Vinaigrette.


Instead of having more adult bevs, I’m planning on having the next best thing while watching SYTYCD tonight… ICE CREAM.  I very, very rarely buy ice cream… but this was calling my name at the store tonight, and in my pissy, weakened state, I gave in… and I’m not ashamed. 


Toodles for now, my peeps.


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