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Oh so random… December 9, 2009

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and packed full of picures!  We’ll start with dinner from last night.  I threw this frittata together and had it with some turkey kielbasa and simple spinach salad.  Frittatas are so easy and versatile… but I honestly think they taste waaay better the next day!  I sort of followed a recipe, but not really…

Basically you chop up a little potato and sautee it for a few minutes in a non-stick 9-10″ skillet… then add a bunch of fresh spinach and let it cook down…

Make sure it’s flat and even, then top with some sliced tomatoes…

Pour the egg mixture over the top… (contains 6 eggs, 2 Tbsp milk, 4 or 5 chopped green onions, generous amount of shredded parmesan cheese and liberal amount of salt, pepper, garlic powder).  The possibilities are endless… as far as ingredients go.  (Check out another easy fritatta I made way back when…)

Push the edges in with a spatula a few times, letting the uncooked egg flow underneath to cook.  Lower the heat and cover the pan… let the frittata cook until the bottom is browned and the top is set.  I actually put this under the broiler at the end because the top wasn’t setting, and it turned out great!  Cut into wedges, top with some salsa, Frank’s, cheese, whatever!

After I ate my din-din, I got to plop my arse on our NEW COUCH!!!!!!!  We finally got it after almost EIGHT WEEKS of waiting. 

Love the texture...

If that wasn’t enough… we also received our new flat screen TV that we ordered just THREE DAYS AGO!  We don’t have a stand or anything yet, so I’ll post a pic of it later.  Of all the new things, Zig enjoyed the TV box the most of all.

This morning, I enjoyed oats-in-a-jar… a staple breakfast of bloggers everywhere!  In the almost-empty jar of Naturally More PB:  1/4 cup oats cooked with 1/2 cup milk and topped with a beautifully ripe pear (the best oatmeal add-in, in my opinion), flax meal, and of course all the delicious PB on the bottom and sides of the jar.


Every last morsel, gone!

Finally… I drove home tonight in an ominous, brewing blizzard to find a lovely, snow-covered surprise package from my mommmmmy!  Contents include: THREE BOXES OF SUGAR COOKIE SLEIGH RIDE (!!!!!!!!!), spinach dip mix, Pecan Pie and Banana Bread Larabars, fun Christmas towels, Christmas cookie Yankee candle, a yummy trail mix style bar from TJs, and a random popover pan!!  Three foodie magazines went unpictured.  Christmas came early at my house!


One Response to “Oh so random…”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Your mommy is the best!! WOW! I want to try to make a frittata, yours looked so yummy!

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