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Oh, weekend… December 6, 2009

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how I love thee.  Friday, we stayed in and ate burgers, noodles, and the famous kabocha (or buttercup) squash.  I didn’t take a picture because it just didn’t look pretty, and I was starving.  I was a little disappointed in the squash this time… I roasted it and it was kind of dry and almost pasty.  Not sure what to think about that….

Saturday started out with a leisurely breakfast, including coffee with foamy milk!!  I bought myself one of these beauties after seeing it on someone’s blog awhile back…

And with it… I made this cup of deliciousness…. coffee, 1/2% milk foamed up with Splenda and vanilla, topped with cinnamon.

I enjoyed this with a tasty breakfast sandwich… .Arnold’s thin with egg, Frank’s, and Laughing Cow cheese.

Oh natural light, I've missed you!

Wayne and I spent the rest of the day doing our Christmas shopping.  Yes, Wayne went with me!  Some would say that makes me lucky, and others would just ask WHY??  Lol.  After we got home, I decided I might as well wrap all the crap presents since they were all over the place anyway. 

Today (Sunday) was spent doing the usual grocery shopping, meal prepping, and housework.  I was really excited about dinner tonight.  I found this recipe on an amazing blog called Escape From Obesity.  Check it out if you get a chance.  Lyn’s journey, attitude, persistence, insight, and realistic expectations are truly inspiring.  I also baked a squash to make her butternut squash mac and cheese for tomorrow’s dinner 🙂

Cabbage Roll Casserole
You’ll have to visit Lyn to get the ridiculously easy recipe.  I used lean ground turkey instead of beef and served mine with some brown rice.  Sooooo comforting and tasty.  The worchestershire sauce is the key, in my opinion.

Ugh, I am seriously considering making a light box! Lyn's pics are SO MUCH BETTER.

I even enjoyed my dinner with a glass of wine.  Yes, wine!  We got this random bottle of pink stuff as a wedding gift.  I know nothing about wine and rarely drink it (I’d much rather eat my calories… or have a beer!) but this stuff tasted like strawberry water, so it went down pretty easy 🙂

All in all… a pretty decent weekend.  We even got our son an early Christmas present… a window perch!  I don’t have a pic of it yet… this will have to suffice for now…


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