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Questions and cookies December 1, 2009

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I’m still pretty new to blogging.  I started my little blog just about 4 months ago, and I’m definitely still learning.  As I stalk countless blogs and post away.. some questions have come up.  I know I have a pretty small group of readers (my highest number of views in a day has been no more than 30), but any feedback or opinions would be greatly appreciated!

*Where do you all get those cool, personalized layouts I see everywhere?  I mean, I’m not hating on my standard, pre-made little layout here… but maybe someday I’d like something a little more unique!  

*Is it normal to stalk blogs?  I really feel like a creepy lurker sometimes.  I mean, I know that blogs are out there for anyone to read… but is it weird for me to link to your blog, use your recipe, or add you to my blog roll without introducing myself first?  Can you tell I’m stalking your blog?  Do you think I’m weird?  Lolll, insecure much?   

*What the heck is google reader, and why is it so seemingly complicated?  I started an account, got lost, and gave up on it.  I continue to read my favorite blogs by clicking links I’ve stored in about 5 different places…. 

*How do you get all this free stuff from companies to review on your blog?  Consider me jealous!  And what is the motive behind doing all those fun giveaways?  Yes, I am secretly a first grader with all these questions…  

*How did you figure out your “blog identity?”  This blog started as straight-up recipes with a tiny bit of randomness and life stuff on the side.  Then I discovered all these awesome, healthy, food-diary style blogs, and my posts started to change a little bit.  Now the recipes are less and the randomness is more.  Hmm, I’m definitely having a blog identity crisis here.

Ok, enough questions for now… on to more important things…. DINNER :-)…

Mom's BBQ beef found in the freezer (WOOT!!) on half an Arnold's thin, cheetahs with ketchup, pan roasted brussels sprouts

and my favorite new product… Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea that I found at Whole Foods.  (Yes, I realize I’m like 10 years behind on trying this).  Let me preface by saying that I’m not really a tea drinker (at all), but all the talk about this tea in blogland really had be intrigued.  And who the heck doesn’t like sugar cookies??  Well, this stuff is just amaaaazing.  It smells exactly, to the tee, like nothing else but warm sugar cookies.  Add a little Splenda and you’re drinking a sugar cookie.  I like this stuff so much that I am on a mission to search every Dollar General (yes, Dollar General apparently sells this seasonal delight) in my area until I find more (or I’ll just order another box HERE). 

Fun camera setting with Wayne's old man slippers in the background


2 Responses to “Questions and cookies”

  1. Ashley Says:

    I stalk blogs, too. It’s kind of ridiculous. I think I have 100+ subscriptions on my google reader. Which, by the way, give gReader another chance! if you add your daily blogs as subscriptions it’s SO much easier to read them. And then gReader gives you suggestions of other blogs you may like…. it’s like opening a whole new door into the blogging world!

    …and I’m going to have to try that tea! Sounds delish!

  2. Katie Says:

    I love your blog design. 🙂 So funny we chose the same background. I also ordered some Sugar Cookie tea because I couldn’t find it anywhere else! The tea is fab. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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