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I really hate coming up with titles… November 30, 2009

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I don’t have anything too exciting to say today.  I did have some really tasty food, though!  So I think I’ll tell you about it 🙂  For breakfast, I had an amaaazing oat mess that contained dried cranberries, almonds, almond butter, and flax meal.  Maybe someday I’ll start taking pics of everything I eat like some of the new ladies I’ve added to my blogroll.  Lunch was nothing at all exciting.  I’ll spare you the details.  Dinner, however, was fantastic… I made a giant salad (we can eat these again since Wayne is off his Coumadin now!) and quesadillas (since even a giant salad is just a snack for Wayner).  I sat at work today thinking of all the stuff I was gonna put into this monster salad… it included…

Mozzarella balls and dried cran from my beloved TJ's


Freakin' amazing dressing from Whole Foods.

and about 20 more items… can you find them all??

In the mix:
*Dill pickles (yum!!)
*Green olives
*Mozz balls
*Tiny bit of cheddar
*Turkey pepperoni
*Deli chicken
*Dried cranberries
*Banana peppers
*Lite honey mustard
*My baby quesadilla had hummus and cheese, Wayne’s was quite a bit larger.  My anal, calorie-counting ways continued today… this whole meal contained about 370 calories!  I love volume.

To back track a little, I had a delicious Z-bar for my afternoon snack today.  I’ve been seeing them all over blog land and picked up a few at Trader Joe’s.  I only wish I would have bought more!  One reason I liked these so much is they’re lower in calories than a Larabar or regular Clif Bar, so I don’t feel bad eating one as a snack.  I loooved the texture and chewiness of this… mmmm.  I even added a case of Z-bars to my meager Christmas list that currently consists of a large baking sheet (to roast more veggies at once!!), a non-metal whisk (so it doesn’t scratch my babies Calphalon pans), and a veggie scrub brush (how do I not have one of these??)

Yes, that's the wrapper I brought home from work just so I could take a pic and blog about it!


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