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Recent eats November 24, 2009

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I’ve seen variations of these “babies” all over the blogosphere… but mainly on Chocolate Covered KatieLast night I got a wild hair and decided to throw some stuff into my mini food processor… and by “stuff,” I mean 3 ingredients haha.  Unfortunately, I did no measuring (as usual), so I hesitated to post this…. buttttt of course I’m going to.  I’ll do my best to estimate what I used in these! 


Almond Babies
Next time I’ll measure, promise 🙂

Approx 1 cup whole almonds
Approx 12-15 whole, pitted dates
Squirt of maple syrup

– Grind up the almonds first, then remove and set aside
– Grind up the dates (this totally almost burned up my food processor… maybe because the dates were cold and hard??)
– Pour the almonds back in and grind together until you get a fine-ish consistency.  Mine was a little dry, so I added a squirt of maple syrup, too.
– Roll into balls… you really have to smoosh them together to hold.  Ooooor just use more dates and/or syrup to make them more moist. 
– Store in fridge.  DELICIOUS… and pretty much a homemade Larabar!  Of course the combinations are endless… check out Chocolate Covered Katie for a tonnn of ideas (and actual recipes!)

Just for fun…. my dinner tonight… pretty good with barely any groceries! 

Black bean burger on whole wheat tortilla half w/Laughing Cow, cukes, BBQ; bistro mushroom mac and cheese (from a box, sshhh); the last of my beloved TJ's french green beans


One Response to “Recent eats”

  1. ashley Says:

    Ooooh those almond balls look yummy!!!

    LOL- I read your comment on my post: It was Senor Don Gato! I remember when it said “He broke his solar plexus” or whatever, you would always say “He broke his solar penis” and it was hilarious to us.

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