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Meet Mr. Hugh Jass Salad November 4, 2009

Filed under: Salad,Turkey,Vegetable — WannaBe Chef @ 9:52 pm

Wednesdays are sort of my day off from dinner-making because Wayne has a class till 8:30ish.  I eat salad almost every single day at work (cuz it’s free, woot woot).  Today I abstained because I knew there was a bag of romaine lettuce in my fridge that was teetering between and edible and trash.  So what else is there do besides make a hugh jass salad??  Well, it was made, and it was gooooood…. waaaay better than boring work salads 🙂


Beautiful. And on a plate. Just like in a schmancy restaurant.

In the mix:
*Smoked turkey
*Alfalfa sprouts (my love!)
*Green olives
*Half of a mini cucumber
*Roma tomato
*Sprinkle of cheddar
*Sprinkle of parm
*Few cashews
*Cornbread croutons
*Light Asian Sesame dressing

On another note, I just baked up some goodies to bring on my visit to PA to see my little sis… and to say I’m disappointed is an understatement!!  Grrrr.  I’ll blog about it after the trip.


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