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Yaaaay! October 29, 2009

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I get excited about food… really excited… hehe.  So, in the world of “healthy” blogs, these Larabars are a true staple of the everyday diet.  I’ve been drooling over them for weeks now, so much so that I ordered a whole box from their website.  Guess what I found by the front door when I got home from work?!  Sixteen fantastic, completely all-natural bars of goodness.  Seriously, they have the shortest ingredient lists I’ve ever seen.  For example, the cashew cookie is made of just dates and cashews; the peanut butter & jelly is only dates, peanuts, unsweetened cherries, salt.  Craaaazy yummy people.  Go the site to see all the other flavors. 


Yes, I took them out of the box and lined them up on my counter...


And then I had to exercise some SERIOUS self-control by eating only half of one before dinner...

 After carefully repacking my Larabars in the box and putting them out of sight, I made a lovely dinner…
* Baked BBQ salmon
* Brown rice with chipotle peppers and lime
* Sweet potato cheetahs!


This plate is screaming for a green veggie...

I’ve oven-roasted sweet potatoes a million times, but I’ve never heard of them being called “cheetahs.”  Again, I came across these in a bunch of blogs lately and couldn’t stop thinking about ’em.  I’ve also seen sliced zuchinni cooked in the same way.  All you do is slice your veggie into thin-ish “chips” and line up on a foil-lined baking sheet sprayed with cooking spray.  Then spray more cooking spray on top of the chips and season as desired (I used salt, pepper and garlic powder).  Roast at 425 until they start to brown, then switch to broil and cook until the cheetah spots develop.  These are SO freakin’ good, I can’t even explain.  Serve with a little ketchup, and you’re basically eating french fries 🙂


I swear those burnt edges are strangely reminiscent of campfire marshmallows...


Mmmm, spot-alicious!


One Response to “Yaaaay!”

  1. krystal Says:

    I love Larabars, too! I just discovered them…and I love the Peanut butter and Lemon bars!
    I’ll have to try your cheetah chips…too cute, and way healthy! Just what I need. 😉

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