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Changes? October 27, 2009

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I’ve deemed this week “use what we already have week” as far as dinners go.  While practical, this does not make for very pretty or blogworthy meals.  Last night I made chipotle tuna sandwiches and baked beans with turkey bacon… using up quite a bit of leftovers.  Tonight I made whole wheat spaghetti and diced chicken tossed with leftover cilantro pesto and spaghetti sauce.  I also roasted a butterCUP squash last night and finished that up.  Strange combination, I know, but it was pretty tasty!


Another reason I’ve been MIA the past few days is probably due to my latest obsession, which is reading a whole new genre of healthy/vegetarian/vegan/food diary-ish blogs.  To be honest, I’ve sort of fallen prey to that whole “letting yourself go” thing.  It’s been 6 months since I got married, and yeeeahh… pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to fit in my wedding dress anymore!  Yikes.  So anyway, these blogs have at least inspired me to try some new things and think about organic/raw/”clean” eating in a different way.  I’ve been thinking about it so much, actually, that I took the opportunity this past weekend to buy all this glorious stuff:


In the mix: 
*Whole grain Wasa crackers (vessel for countless toppings and spreads)
*Lindt dark chocolate bar with a touch of sea salt (umm, YUM)
*Falafel mix
*Bluberry fruit leathers
*Oat bran
*Steel cut oats
*Pitted dates
*True Lemon packets
*Hummus (honestly, not the greatest brand here)
*My absolute favorite Naturally More peanut butter that I’ve been eating for a few years now.  It’s ridiculously more healthy than standard PBs.  I’ve officially converted about 5 or 6 people.  Click the link and read about it. 
*Lastly, you will see the best thing I’ve eaten in a long time and can’t believe I’ve lived without for 26 years… ALMOND BUTTER.  Expensive, but freaking awesome.  Holy crap.   
*Oh, and this Strawberry Greek yogurt that got left out (14 grams of protein in this sucker!)


So, I’m not sure which direction this blog will be going in.  Instead of strictly recipes, it might be a little of this and little of that for awhile!  And just for a little more randomness… I give you another picture of my furry son.  This is where we found him last night.



One Response to “Changes?”

  1. Salli Says:

    Amanda – your furry son is a darling! Hey, Wayno gave me a taste of your hummus today. It was YUMMY, and I am not even a hummus-lover. I couldn’t find your recipe on here. Could you send it to me?

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