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To post, or not to post… October 8, 2009

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I’ve come down with some sort of icky cold.  I’ve been dragging all day and eating cough drops like they’re chocolate or something.  The weather is cold and dreary and rainy.  And finally, Wayne is gone for the night at a work function.  SO, the last thing I want to do is make dinner.  What I needed had to be quick and comforting.  So, what do I turn to?  A fried egg sandwich!!  My dad used to eat these allllll the time, and I always thought they looked soooo gross… I mean, ketchup and mustard on an egg??  Ewwww.   Of course, now, I can’t believe I ever hated them.  They’re just so easy, so quick, so trashy, and SO GOOD.  Something about the flavor combination just works.  They’re anything but blogworthy, but I just couldn’t resist…

Fried Egg Sandwich
* Just like Dad used to make!

2 slices bread – traditionally white bread, but I use wheat
1 egg
salt and pepper
butter, ketchup, mustard

– Butter both slices of the bread.  Then put just a little ketchup on one slice and a little mustard on the other slice.  Set aside… on a classy paper plate.
– Fry your egg, seasoned with salt and pepper.  Dad used real butter to fry, but I just use some cooking spray.  Make sure you break up the yolk and try to distribute it evenly.  And do NOT overcook your egg! 
– Plop your egg onto the bread and ENJOY!! 


Still doesn't look too appetizing, but trust me, IT'S GOOD!



One Response to “To post, or not to post…”

  1. Mom Says:

    Your dad would have loved seeing your blog today! He’s probably laughing right now and wishing he was eating that sandwich with you.

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