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It’s been a minute… September 22, 2009

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Yeah yeah yeah, so I haven’t blogged in a few days.  This is due to a combination of being out of town all weekend which then threw off my grocery getting/menu making which then didn’t even matter because our internet has been down.  Also, Wayne and Ziggy continue to have slow, complicated recoveries which is really quite discouraging… but we’re dealing.  SO, here I am, cookin’ some dinner.  Once again, my mom brought a harvest of goodies from my grandpa’s garden, so this week’s meals revolve around using them!


What you don’t see are all the cute little cherry tomatoes she brought.  I figured I needed to use these up first since they were on the verge of heading you-know-where.  Coworker Erin came through with another new recipe that she made sound irresistible.  The best thing about it was that it contained a fresh tomato sauce.  I was sold. 

Eggplant Parm Ravioli
Another Rachael Ray recipe, can be found here

The only things I did differently:  I used just one medium eggplant and wonton wrappers instead of eggroll wrappers.  If you do this, obviously you’ll need much less filling in each wrapper (about 1 tsp).  Don’t overfill them or else they’ll fall apart in the water.  Also, I didn’t boil them for 4 minutes, I would say more like 2 minutes.  Last tip:  salt the filling and sauce liberally.  My first batch was a little bland, but the second batch was much better after more salt. 


Raviolis, ready to go in the boiling water.


Close up of cooked ravioli, mmmm.


The verdict:  Rachael sure knows how to dirty a lot of pans and dishes, but it’s usually worth it.  These little things were pretty tasty.  I’ve never made ravioli before, but it was pretty easy and I’m looking forward to making different fillings. 


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